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This weekend Left Bank is delighted to host a vibrant bunch of the town's latest current of rising diggers. With them, our very own affiliates are wrapping things up for two-day genre-transcending music from start to finish.

Please make sure to follow our 'no photo, no video' on the dancefloor policy as it is a necessary measure to protect everyone included.
For a beautiful weekend that lies ahead of us, we have quite a scenario for two days of soothing and euphoric vibes. On Friday local DJs will be taking over the decks. For Saturday we've rather a special night: starting with a live band from Tokyo, becked with Sani on Space one while Solarplexia co-founders, and Le Bain residents, Mike and Seth will keep Space two busy.
Back together again this weekend:
Friday - Space One is engaged by Moku J, a member of the experimental Hip-Hop band. In Space Two, Ani Kvirkvelia is set to deliver the bold testament of varied sounds later to be joined by Toke - A DJ with a stunning run of releases behind his name.
Saturday - Georgie Boy steps into Space One while talented selector Giorgi Pipia and Vodkast Records affiliate JD J bend genres in Space Two.
A true musical super force on next weekends' gathering at Left Bank. Friday launches with Stas from Amsterdam on Space One. London's very best Parris visits our Space Two that day, backed by usually razor-sharp selection from Sportsmanship.

Saturday - Levan Maisuradze takes control of Space One while once promised and delayed live performance of Tbilisi's finest duo - V.C.V.S takes place in Space Two. 98Dots steers along with Tbili Orgia, something to keep our ears on.

Please make sure to follow our 'no photo, no video' on the dancefloor policy as it is a necessary measure to protect everyone included.
The new weekend kicks off with Dro in Space One. After him, Ethimraz will take over the decks, while the town's one of the experienced - Ash Scholem dedicates himself to Space two all night long.

On Saturday, we'll be able to catch Night Occean behind the decks of Space One. As for Space Two - Fjaartaf and Kozmana, who are on heavy rotation at Tes lately, will keep the night going.
On Friday, only Space Two will be available where NTS Radio resident re:ni, Berlin/Tbilisi based Neux and 5nipps will set the mood for the night.
For Saturday, we've Umbruter's debut in Space One while the founder of the Vodkast Records Zurkin, and Mtkvarze regular Pasha will share the booth of Space Two.

Please make sure to follow our 'no photo, no video' on the dancefloor policy as it is a necessary measure to protect everyone included.

From now on, Thursday becomes a worthy part of Left Bank's weekend and the first one to test the outdoor space detailed especially for day parties is - Peshtre, a local music enthusiast.
Following days we have the usual Clubnight starting on Friday with Cyst and Giorgi Pipia at Space Two and later to be extended by Izzanami at our Outdoor Space.
On Saturday, our resident Wesley Wise will share a DJ booth with Den at Space Two

Tickets at the door only.

No photo, No video on the dancefloor

Running order will be published the day before the event

Excited to announce the take-over of the American art rock band EXPAT (Mykki Blanco & Samuel Acevedo) who will be performing at Space Two on may 25th following acts by our local heroes Sani and Nikita.

With less than a week to go until the first-ever live show of EXPAT in Georgia and we just kindly remind you that the last batch of tickets is still available on eventer.ge/expat

In case you missed it, there will be a limited amount of tickets available at the door

EXPAT will be accompanied by a young Georgian queer artist and outstanding musician Nikita's live performance, and the evening will be closed by Georgian artist - Sani.

This week's Clubnight will be a blast, where only Space Two will operate.
To properly juggle UK dance music's vibe, Friday matches Bristol's one of the brightest talents - Bruce (Hessle Audio, Timedance, Idle Hands) with our resident Kraumur.
On Saturday, we've invited two of the town's Electro/Breakbeat lovers - Generali Minerali from our neighboring TES, and Toke who can captivate any audience with his melodies and strident rhythms.

Tickets at the door only.

No photo, No video on the dancefloor

As we're about to set foot onto the following week, we're looking ahead to what's coming with Thursday, when Hunko from Kyiv meets our Routes Not Roots at Outdoors.
Friday's Clubnight is more about the rave at Space Two, where our resident Ash Scholem greets Bristol's Danielle, a long-standing resident of NTS radio, currently on the rise. To perfect the night's plan, we added - Den at Outdoors, who'll share her morning-time favorites from 5:00 AM.
On Saturday, we're back on the Outdoor stage that hosts Sportsmanship, later to be joined by the U.S-based Chris Mitchell, co-founder of Vanguard Sound and Anunnaki Cartel.
Up next, there is now the usual Thursday outdoor gathering with all Tbilisian selectors: Faeywa, Jailbreakflex, and Mokujin.
Friday's Clubnight comes with something extraordinary as it is the starting date of the monthly party series dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community in collaboration with Eau de Cologne which hosts - Cormac (Polari/Ostgut Ton/Correspondent), Aviux, and Natuta.
On Saturday we're going to get back to the Outdoors to dance and carefully listen to the music curated by Fjaartaf (MCR | TES)
and Sani.
This weekend starts with Thursday's Outdoor party, hosting CV1 and Amichay Matyas. On Friday, Toke and our resident Kraumur share a booth under the roof of Space Two joined by Third Soul on the outdoor stage in the morning. And for Saturday, we've Gio Shengelia alongside Kozmana from Tes pressuring our outdoor speakers for the whole night.
Thursday's outdoor program matches DJ Delorean's (Tes) freshness with Zurkin's craftsmanship.

For this weekend’s 𝘾𝙡𝙪𝙗𝙣𝙞𝙜𝙝𝙩 we invited a Berlin based British producer Minor Science on Friday. His crisp and rich selection will be backed by a resident of ours - Wesley Wise in Space Two.

On Saturday, Lennart Wiehe, who's been busy on legendary Delsin Records recently - joined by our dear friend Ani Kvirkvelia.
Up next, Routes Not Roots and Georgie Boy appear at Thursday's Outdoor party.
On this weekend's Clubnight, our resident 5nipss steps into Space Two together with Giorgi Pipia on Friday. In between them, V.C.V.S returns with yet another live performance and there is Dietrich on the Outdoor stage for a morning call.
For Saturday, we paired a Parisian DJ and producer - Toma Kami (Livity Sound, Man Band rec.), with another resident of ours - Sportsmanship to push you over the weekend's finish line.
his weekend launches with Thursday's Outdoor party, hosting Sani with his live performance and Zorimira.
For the first round of our Clubnight, we've invited local new-gen DJs: Olly, Crime, and Umbruter to keep Friday's 'Space Two' hurtling forward.
On Saturday, 'Space One' is making come back where the founding member of the Huit Etoiles from Japan - Que Sakamoto and Hunko from Kyiv load their energy.

Massive weekend triggers from Thursday with Luna997 on a Mic effort & Sabanadze on decks.
For the Clubnight's schedule, we matched a Berlin-based DJ/producer, Fever AM co-runner - Mor Elian with our resident Kraumur and to be joined by Vodkast's JD J on Friday.
To suitably close the weekend, selections from Berlin's Levente (HÖR, PAL) and Tbilisi's Avivx will be surfacing over your ears on Saturday.
Thursday comes with our resident Ash Scholem's selections for the outdoor party
We're hitting the spot on Friday's Clubnight when Parisian Clara 3000 teams up with Weltspiele resident Mariami and Tbilisi's local Mancho.
For Clubnight number two, we're matching newcomer locals DJ CYE and CV1 with Hugo Capablanca's deft touch to complete the weekend's plan.

As the summer reaches its hottest point throughout August, we're slightly slowing it down and planning our weekend parties without Thursday.
For Friday, we invited Berlin-based Georgian DJ/producer Seqta together with Dali, both known for their versatile style of performing. Saturday's Space Two is something notable where the newly formed local post-punk band Xerox live show will be backed by the duo of two Georgian queer artists/performers Margarita Elektra.

On Friday's Clubnight, we've got Olly and our resident Wesley Wise swapping the floor-oriented matters in Space Two.

For Saturday, equal amounts of delicacy and depth during their selection from Nika Maisuradze and half of the V.C.V.S duo, Esi will glide us through the second Clubnight.
For Friday’s Clubnight, we're hosting Sanjin, the co-runner of 'Ankali' club (Prague) together with one of our favorite music specialists Ani Kvirvkelia, backed by a radio host and a member of our collective Sportsmanship.

On Saturday, there is the first night of our new event series called Rewind, dedicated to Jungle and Drum & Bass music. We invited local appraisers of the junglist movement: Den, Georgie Boy, and Levan Maisuradze.
Friday's Clubnight hosts two of our favorite Vodkast affiliates, Zurkin and JD J as they play all night in our Space Two.

On Saturday, Space Two will be stormed by a trap-loving four-figure gang: Angel Of Darkness, Gtst33, Orbita, and one from our collective Natashaforever.

Our Collective Takeover party is up and we have a very special line up including 5nipss, Ash Scholem, CYST, Giorgi Pipia, Sportsmanship, Kraumur, Kozmana, Wesley Wise, Joshua Cordova and a live show from Austin-based duo Mures
Friday's Clubnight schedule links our very own Kraumur's masterful control of the dance with charismatics from Hugo Capablanca and amped-up rhythms from fjaartaf.

Two up-and-comers Umbruter and Izzanami are teaming up with our collective member Sportsmanship to set the correct tone for Saturday's Clubnight.
Violet, a Portuguese producer, DJ, record label owner, and radio station founder, will be joining us on Friday, September 9th. Violet is the owner of the respected naive label and a co-founder of Rádio Quântica.

She will be joined by Aroh, a co-founder of Kontakt Group label from Brussels.
For Friday's Clubnight, we invited Berlin-based Ogazón to showcase her records at Space Two. She’ll be playing alongside a member of our collective Wesley Wise and one of our favorite locals Ani Kvirkvelia.
We are thrilled to welcome Moxie, one of the most prominent DJs in the UK, for the first time at Left Bank. She'll be performing at Space Two on Friday. We're excited to see what she has in store for us. Tickets will be available at the door. Make sure to come early!
On Saturday, we've another big matchup hosting Berlin DJ + producer Vivian Koch together with Giorgi Pipia and Lyl Radio affiliate from Paris Maybe Tonight.

Vivian Koch
Giorgi Pipia
Maybe Tonight

Tickets at the door only.

No Photo, No Video
For Friday's Clubnight, we've invited one of the founding members of In Training, a queer collective from Cleveland, Ohio - Kiernan laveaux. She'll share the DJ booth of Space Two with our member Ash Scholem, and with the co-founder of the label Raw Imprint Jonas Landwehr.
To round up the bill, our Space One is coming back too, where dear friends of Left Bank, Solarplexia co-founders, and Le Bain residents Mike Guimond and Seth Magoon load their boundless ball of energy.


𝔖𝔭𝔞𝔠𝔢 𝔗𝔴𝔬
Kiernan Laveaux
Ash Scholem
Jonas Landwehr

𝔖𝔭𝔞𝔠𝔢 𝔒𝔫𝔢
Mike Guimond b2b Seth Magoon (all night long)

Tickets are at the door only.

No Photo, No Video
October 15 is a special date that sums up the past year full of challenges. Because of the pandemic, as an open space, we had to start within the harsh restrictions, but only with the idea that soon enough we would transform into a full-fledged nightclub.
Since March, Left Bank has been a fully operational multi-venue complex driven by artists, DJs, and partygoers to provide a platform for a diverse program of arts, music, movies, and queer community events.
We believe that it is essential for the city to have a safe space where different groups of people gather together to celebrate their difference from the country's challenging environment.
Let's celebrate the year anniversary together, with the intention that Left Bank will continue to establish itself as a multi-purpose hub to connect people from all walks of life. Race, age, gender, class, education, and other protected characteristics which become obsolete on the dancefloor. There is plenty of exciting, bright moments to come!

For Friday's Clubnight we've invited Partok, The key figure of Tel Aviv's queer nightlife now based in Berlin, with whom the member of our collective Wesley Wise and a bright prospect from Tbilisi DJ Cye will share the DJ booth of Space Two.Hailing from Tel-Aviv’s queer underground, resident of The Block club, and a regular at clubs all around Europe among them Berlin's Panorama Bar.

Wesley Wise
DJ Cye

Tickets are at the door only.

No Photo, No Video

Saturday's Clubnight hosts a group of artists calling themselves Sickdatired storming Space One with their show all night long.

Tickets at the door only.

No Photo, No Video
It feels like the right time to announce our next queer party in collaboration with the Eau De Cologne collective. On October 28th, we're at Halloween Special, hosting the founder and resident of Spotlight party in Los Angeles, Chris Cruse, Berlin-based Georgian producer DJ Seqta, and one from EDC itself - Natuta.

For those of you asking, of course, our Halloween party is costume encouraged 

❍ 28-10 Fri.

Tickets are at the door only.

No Photo, No Video
Saturday’s Clubnight hosts two appearing selectors from Germany - Maximilian Klee and, Rinse Fm affiliate - Smidek. In between them, yet another artist from Berlin, a fine producer André Uhl is performing live at Space Two.

Customized outfits are welcome still!

❍ 29-10 Sat.

Tickets are at the door only.

No Photo, No Video

nd_baumecker. returns to Left Bank this Friday to kick off November right. A DJ and producer who is an integral part of the Berghain / Panorama Bar identity. Sportsmanship and Ash Scholem, two members of our collective, will join him.

❍ 04-11 Fri.

Tickets are at the door only.

No Photo, No Video

On Saturday's Clubnight, a resident of the neighboring TES club, Dj and Producer Generali Minerali starts at Space Two. After him, Tbilisi local Dali and our collective member 5nipss are playing b2b till the end

❍ 05-11 Sat.

Tickets are at the door only.

No Photo, No Video

On Saturday's Clubnight, half part of the V.C.V.S duo, producer, and DJ Esi is performing together with a member of our collective Wesley Wise, and Tbilisi local Mancho at Space Two.

❍ 12-11 Sat.
Tickets are at the door only.
No Photo, No Video
We are proud to present the experimentalist, producer, and vocalist Lolina's (Inga Copeland) debut at Left Bank alongside Georgian composer David Datunashvili and New York City-based sound artist Chantal Michelle on the 17th of November.
Lolina, formerly one-half of the lo-fi pop duo - Hype Williams with Dean Blunt, flexes a new moniker with an Avant intersection of R&B, dancehall minimalism, and electro-pop. Her live shows continue past attempts to discover possibilities for experimentation within the adopted limitations of electronic music and the contexts for its performance.
✦ Before going solo, David Datunashvili was 1/2 of the local electronic music duo Okinawa Lifestyle and currently is part of the ambient-experimental project Masterknot. With several full-length albums under his name, David creates his eerie sound based on guitar arrangements with ambient elements and catchy noise experiments.
✦ Chantal Michelle works with acoustic instrumentation, synthesis, field recordings, and voice to form densely textured aural landscapes. Her work is characterized by tension, disparate sounds, and non-linear arrangements. It has been realized as sound installations, live performances, and recorded material.
We've something special coming on Friday's Clubnight hosting DJ, Manchester-based label 'Kaizen' head and club impresario - Madam X. To back her up, Space Two is getting a decent amount of all kinds of genres and tempos through one of our favorite DJs Ani Kvirkvelia and by our resident Routes Not Roots.

❍ 18-11 Fri.

Tickets are at the door only.
No Photo, No Video
Eau De Cologne X Left Bank is proud to announce its next queer party.
For Saturday's Clubnight, Space Two hosts Mtkvarze's crew member Tevz alongside record collector and selector Zaqaria at Space Two. With them, the city's local Pasha is set to get people moving on a dancefloor

❍ 26-11 Sat.

Tickets at the door only.
No Photo, No Video
On November 25, Left Bank will host David Kennedy, a.k.a. Pearson Sound, one of the most remarkable artists from the UK and one third of the team behind the Hessle Audio label. He will be joined by our resident Kraumur, and Crime, a local newcomer and head of Fear No System label.
At Space One, we've two different live shows featuring: Tbilisi-based musician Elene Pipia aka Eleon with her band, known for psychedelic, gothic sound, and local post-punk band Xerox.
This Sunday, after the movie screening, we are presenting another edition of the Left Bank Live series featuring improvising lyricist, producer, and sound artist from Wales - Elvin Brandhi, with the support of our crew member Rati Eradze's performance dedicated to his freshly dropped EP at Space Two.
● Elvin Brandhi is making auto-tune blast beats from field recordings, tapes, instruments, and voice. Her live shows are unyielding bursts of erupting animation where her caustic stream of consciousness cavorts with restless, glitched-out heaviness.
For Friday first Clubnight, two of the city's highly revered selectors alongside a member of our collective are taking over the decks of Space Two. Nika Maisuradze with the alias WCAN and Vodkast's JD J will be joined by Wesley Wise.
At the controls of this Saturday's Clubnghit, we've invited the For No Reason label founder Tedi together with TES resident and Mind Controlled Rectifie's fjaartaf to bring sound patterns that can go from club-ready one moment to more uncanny the next at Space Two.

Next up in our Left Bank Live series is Tbilisi-based emerging artist Deena (Elene Gigani). On December 8th, she will be showcasing her recently released debut album with Didube Records guest appearances at Space Two.

“Deena” literally translates as “a girl” in the language of Svans – people of the historical, northwestern region of Georgia under the Caucasus Mountain range, where Elene is originally from. Disharmonies, dissonances, and counter-intuitive resolutions that are layered with her melodic, sentimental voice speak of the conflicting existence of a teenage girl in Georgia with internet-centric relationships and global-scale culture.

On December 16, Left Bank will host a DJ and producer TJ Hertz a.k.a. Objekt, who has built a reputation as one of the must-see DJs of his generation. Selected as Mixmag’s DJ of the Year in 2018, he thrives in festival tents and sweatbox basements alike. TJ will be accompanied by two residents of ours: Ash Scholem and Sportsmanship at Space Two.
For Saturday's Clubnight, we invited a deep-dyed record collector, dj, promoter, and a noteworthy member of Mtkvarze's booking team - Parna who'll be hosted by a member of the left bank crew Routes Not Roots at Space Two.

Come join us at Left Bank to celebrate the end of the year. Our collective members and resident DJs will be playing back-to-back all night long at Space Two, and Sickdatired will take over Space One with live and DJ sets from the crew.

𝔰𝔭𝔞𝔠𝔢 𝔬𝔫𝔢
Sickdatired (all night long)
𝔰𝔭𝔞𝔠𝔢 𝔱𝔴𝔬
Sportsmanship b2b Kraumur
Ash Scholem b2b Ani Kvirkvelia
Giorgi Pipia b2b Wesley wise

On Friday, for the first Clubnight, we're hosting Mtkvarze and Zgvaze co-runner Bero, one of the pioneer DJs of the local electronic music scene who has been actively supporting and nurturing dance culture in Tbilisi for almost two decades already. He will be joined by a member of our collective Giorgi Pipia, and local bright newcomer Ana Marjanidze aka 3AM at Space Two.
For Saturday's Clubnight, we've invited Neon Warrior, a producer and resident DJ of the neighboring TES club alongside Tbilisi native DJ/producer Dali known for her boundless techno experiments and versatile style. At Space Two, they will be accompanied by Nikala, yet another local up-and-comer.
Come see a live performance by the local band Quemmekh on 25th December at Left Bank. Before and after Quemmekh, our resident 5nipss will set the tone for the night.
Join us on December 30th for a special evening with Khidi resident, DJ and producer Yanamaste and Fear No System label founder Crime.
January 1st comes as no surprise to everyone interested in a space for gender-fluid expression and sexual experimentation, as it's a date when our next queer party is taking place. To cover the celebration, we let a duo of Georgian queer performers 'Margarita Elektra' make the party lit at Space One, while another local folk Beto is going to prepare the dancefloor for them. Flora Kamikadze is also booting the S1 energy with the ultra-performative style show, the genesis of a new identity.
At Space Two, we've invited an artist with a DJing style that frequently turns dancefloors into race tracks - ferrari rot, co-founder of the party series incorporating drag shows - Dimenzione Danza. Completing the bill alongside our resident Routes not Roots is local queer DJ and producer Avivx, flaming the dancefloor till the end.

For the first Friday of 2023, we are carrying on a celebration with those wide-ranging selectors unafraid of drastic bpm and genre shifts. Elise Massoni is a DJ and producer from Paris who marked her name in Europe's most renowned clubs & festivals, now debuting here in Tbilisi. Completing the bill, Ediciones Capablanca's Hugo and a local favorite - Mancho will be performing at Space Two.

For the second Clubnight on January 7, half of the V.C.V.S duo and Low Fuzz curator - Esi is returning with us to be joined by a member of our collective 5nipss and a resident of the neighboring TES club - Tekkon at Space Two.
Up next on Friday, both rooms are ready to kick off the weekend's first Clubnight.
At Space Two, Amsterdam-based Liane will be joining forces with Berlin-based Georgian DJ/producer, TES resident - Seqta, and Tbilisi local Natuta.
Space One, as usual, wanders beyond the boundaries of club music with the line-up full of current vibe-catchers. Borisluvv is a local young artist and DJ who'll be joined by Aniway, the new identity of Ani Kvirkvelia dedicated to her trap-loving side. Valley Dolly and Anti are two newcomers making the bill complete.

✦ Space Two

✦ Space One
Borisluvv (live+DJ set)
Valley Dolly
Tickets at the door only.
No Photo, No Video

Saturday's Clubnight showcases Fear No System, a label founded in Tbilisi that tries to reimagine the sound of electro and techno of the '90s while maintaining the space for experimenting with different sounds.
At Space Two, the founder of Opus Nights and the For no Reason label, local producer/DJ Tedi is going to ignite the dancefloor. He’ll be joined by the founder of Fear No System - Bass Commander back to backing with local electro lover 666uba. On top of the bill, there is a Paris-based Georgian artist - Sani sprinkling the room.

Tickets at the door only.
No Photo, No Video

Upcoming Friday presents Spaces One and Two working in full force to invoke a proper clubbing experience. Always aiming to improvise, Tbilisi's experimental duo V.C.V.S returns with another live performance, alongside a member of our collective Wesley Wise, putting extra peculiarly crafted sound into the room. With them, Alexander Kühne, known for his deeply flowing, the genre-crossing style will debut at Space Two. Tbilisi's local experimental hip-hop artists soni x 7360 are firing up Space One that day with their recently released mixtape presentation extended with a DJ set to uncovering their library full of wanders.
For Saturday's Clubnight, we've all our crew members and residents taking over the controls of Space Two. To surprise us all, Tbilisi's very own producer, DJ, and co-founder of the label Transfigured Time and Left Bank itself - Gacha Bakradze makes his come-back. With him, some of the city's finest are on display: Ash Scholem's back to backing with Sportsmanship. 
For Fridays Clubnight we've invited one of the influential identities of Copenhagens underground. HORNS are known for their contributions as a resident DJ of the Vortex party series and member of Bunkerbauer collective. HORNS will share the DJ booth of Space Two with local gems Ani Kvirkvelia and Ethimraz.
Producer and DJ from the neighboring TES club Rydeen and co-founder of Pitch Studio, Elene is teaming up with our collective member Kraumur to set the correct tone for Saturday's Clubnight.
Friday's Clubnight features two members of our collective - Routes Not Roots and Giorgi Pipia bringing their dedication to exploring diversity in music. They'll welcome one invited guest - Ana Marjanidze AKA 3 AM at Space Two.
On February 4,  our Saturday's Clubnight welcomes back Esi, half of the V.C.V.S duo and Low Fuzz curator,  with the support from Ediciones Capablanca's Hugo and the beloved local favorite Mancho at Space Two.
For Friday's Clubnight, we've invited Generali Minerali, a resident and a crew member of TES, to be joined by GWÄN: the project of berlin based Gvantsa Todadze, known for her diverse, groovy, and fast-paced rhythms.
They'll share the DJ booth with Dali, who marks her first residency night at Space Two.
We've something special coming on Saturday's Clubnight featuring two DJs from the famous ://about blank, formerly illegal, a multi-room club based in Berlin:
✦ Reka Zalan is a Berlin-based Techno DJ and promoter, co-hosting the ://elements series at ://about blank, where she’s a resident and part of the booking team. 
✦ As a force within Berlin’s local circuit, THNTS drives his experience as a sharp DJ, passionate curator, and ambitious event organizer to amplify forward-thinking sound to techno audiences. 

To back them up,  Space Two is getting a decent amount of late discoveries through one of our crew members Wesley Wise.

We're excited to launch a new party series called X, which aims to promote local talent by breaking away from regular club nights where the artist's name holds significant importance. 

X is the concept of a party where the lineup stays unannounced. 

That's the need for something new that triggers a deeper connection between the performer and the public. Our DJ booth is designed to put the artist on the same level as the crowd, delivering an exciting challenge for secret DJs and us.

X is when you're going blindly to discover new favorites.

At Space Two, we've invited Seqta, a long-time enthusiast of underground club culture and TES resident. To enhance the night, our collective members, Sportsmanship and Ash Scholem will perform together to deliver their club-ready sound.
✦ A group of performers going by the moniker - Sickdatired is taking over Space One all night long.
For Saturday's Clubnight, Rinse FM's host and member of our collective Giorgi Pipia shares the DJ booth of Space Two with Tbilisi-based electronic music label SATZ founder Bekuchi.

Friday’s lineup links Ani Kvirkvelia, who will be bringing an eclectic and unexpected selection to the stage. To keep the vibes going, we've also got half of the V.C.V.S duo and Low Fuzz curator Esi taking the stage. And to keep things interesting, we've invited TES resident and Mind Controlled Rectifier's fjaartaf to transition our room from club-friendly to eclectic.

If you're looking for even more excitement, head over to Space One for the first iteration of Clubshy presented by 5nipss, Vesp1, Babyamore and Cynd13.

For the second Clubnight, a devoted selector and member of our collective Routes Not Roots will host Nozza at Space Two, a local talent influenced by trance and progressive sound.
Marking International Women's Day, we will begin the celebration on March 7th by showcasing and highlighting local talent. On Tuesday, Dali and Kraumur, both members of our collective, will be hosting two special new-gen selectors Mancho and XDJ Ratia at Space Two. 

Saturday's Clubnight will be kicked off by a collaboration between Zurkin, the cherished founder of Vodkast and mentor to 11TH, and two of the most promising artists in the scene, Zaqaria, and Keto.

Before midnight 10 Gel

For Saturday's Clubnight, TES club's resident DJ and producer Rydeen is teaming up with Link98, bringing an electro, Detroit techno, and breakbeat-influenced sound to Space Two. Joining the lineup is the talented DJ and producer from Batumi, DJ Astrobee, who will be performing live.

For Friday's Clubnight, we are hosting two of the leading lights in the experimental club scene from Stockholm, Sweden - Kablam and Your Planet Is Next with their special back-to-back performance. They'll be joined by a member of our collective Giorgi Pipia and one of the most influential figures in the Georgian electronic music scene - Gio Shengelia.
On March 25, Space Two will feature the second edition of our new party series called X, which aims to promote talent by breaking away from regular club nights where the artist's name holds significant importance.
X is the concept of a party where the lineup stays unannounced.
With X, you can explore and rediscover local and international performers by simply following their musical abilities.

On March 31, Left Bank will host David Kennedy, a.k.a. Pearson Sound, one of the most remarkable artists from the UK and one-third of the team behind the Hessle Audio label. He's going to team up with our very own Kraumur, who'll be joined by the Bass Commander - a talented new arrival in town and the boss of the Fear No System label.

✦ Space One will showcase yet another edition of Rewind, a series that celebrates UK bass music. Singly for the occasion, Natashaforever and Boioboinik, two of our crew members, are ready to hit the stage with an essential blend of UK drill, trap, and grime. The night will also feature local DnB and jungle enthusiasts Den and Mashogoezz.

The second Clubnight is shaping up to be a remarkable one, with head of Fantastic Planet Trotsky teaming up with DJ and producer Mtvare for a back-to-back performance. Additionally, the beloved local favorite Mancho will be showcasing her diverse selection at Space Two.

On March 7, Spaces One and Two will be taken over by members of our collective all night long.

At Space Two, our resident from Bristol, Danielle, who is the Soft Raw label boss and NTS Radio host, will be joined by Routes Not Roots, Sportsmanship, and Wesley Wise as they perform back-to-back.

At Space One, a new addition to our resident lineup, Dali, teams up with 5nipss and Giorgi Pipia to explore the frontiers of club music.

Saturday's Clubnight showcases some of the most compelling up-and-coming artists on the scene. Two local new-gen selectors, Ketevan and XDJ Ratia join forces at Space Two with GWÄN, the dynamic project led by Berlin-based artist Gvantsa Todadze.
The first Clubnight of the weekend starts this Friday, with both rooms all set to get things underway.
✦ On the decks at Space Two this time is Peach, a Toronto-born, London-based DJ, producer, and NTS radio host who is known for her signature dynamism. Supporting her debut will be members of our collective Ash Scholem and Gacha, co-founder of Left Bank.
✦ Space One continues to be distinct from the usual club music experience with local artists t i n a and DRO taking the stage.
For Saturday's Clubnight, we've invited a notable figure in the Greek house and techno scene, K.atou, who'll share the DJ booth of Space Two with TES resident Ottonian. To complete the bill, Cobert, who has been busy producing electronic music since mid-2000, performs live.
For Friday's Clubnight, we've invited Die Orakel label boss Oliver Hafenbauer, one of the key figures in the Frankfurt club scene and beyond. Supporting his beat-driven and highly danceable style will be a member of our collective Sportsmanship and one from our favorites list, Ani Kvirkvelia at Space Two.
Members of our collective: Dali, Esi and Giorgi Pipia are all set to take over Space Two all night long for the second Clubnight.

Coming up this Friday, we're excited to welcome Amsterdam-based Van Anh, the founder of ISOTOOP, known for her versatility with over a decade of experience to her name. Also joining us is Levente, a Berlin-based musician, and DJ with a residency in projects such as HÖR, PAL (Hamburg), and Mutant Radio. Additionally, local favorite Sani will be curating her diverse range of sounds at Space Two.

Entry: 40 Gel.

Before Midnight 20 Gel.

Tickets at the door only.

No Photo, No Video

Saturday's Clubnight will feature local talent, including Herbin K, a DJ whose style is influenced by UK garage and progressive house. Our resident Kraumur will be hosting the event, with her signature style that always manages to connect with the crowd. To round off the bill, talented producer Toke will perform a live.

To kick off the month of May, we're delighted to host Gabrielle Kwarteng, a resident DJ at Lot Radio and a regular performer at Panorama Bar. Gabrielle is celebrated for her impeccable taste in house music, striking a perfect balance between the classic and the new. Sharing the stage with her will be GWÄN, the captivating project crafted by Berlin-based artist Gvantsa Todadze, who will be joined by a member of our collective, Ash Scholem, at Space Two.
Clubnight number two starts on Saturday at Space Two, featuring renowned DJs and selectors. IAMEA is the stage name of Mariam Kvirikashvili, known for her eclectic genre selection that focuses on 90s music. Joining her is Hatsvali, a DJ and producer with previous releases on acclaimed labels like Nervous Records, Exotic Refreshment, Kompakt, and more. Additionally, we have BOYA, who weaves together house, UK garage, and DnB in a vibrant and dynamic manner.
For Friday's Clubnight, we are hosting Elena Colombi, a prominent DJ, promoter, and visionary behind Osàre! Editions from London. With her unconventional and extraordinary taste, she has been a hidden gem on the London party scene for years and is now poised to captivate a wider audience. She'll be accompanied by German DJ and producer Lennart Wiehe, known for his releases on legendary Delsin Records and his new label Kuratorium. In addition, they'll be supported by our resident, Wesley Wise.
On May 13, Left Bank will host its first Low Fuzz night, curated by our resident Esi, featuring an international selector and a live act. 
Mankiyan, a DJ shaping the bass music scene in Brussels, will showcase her vision and sound alongside Esi. The night will also mark the rare live act of Substract, an experimental electronic duo, a collaboration between BMI (Bakur Metreveli) and Zesknel (Zuka Babunashvili) founded recently.
For Friday's Clubnight, we've invited lush and evocative London-based Luxe, who draws from both her classical background and her endeavors in electronic music across a spread of tracks that maintain a danceable through-line. Alongside her, we have two members from our collective: Routes Not Roots, who present a mix of driving trance to breakbeat-infused sound with meticulous percussion and 5nipss, celebrated for her varied and eclectic style.
Our Collective member Sportsmanship and Tes club resident - Neon Warrior, are ready to join Saturday's Clubnight alongside DJ Surge, a renowned record enthusiast and frequent performer at Horoom, in the vibrant setting of Space Two.
This Friday's Clubnight at Space Two is bound to be memorable as we feature mentor, Ani Kvirvkelia with her discovered and nurtured two of the most thrilling artists from a new generation of the local scene: Nozza and Ketato M.
For the second Clubnight, we're leaving the controls of Space Two to Seqta, a talented producer and resident DJ at the neighboring TES Club. Joined by our resident Giorgi Pipia, and 3AM, a renowned DJ from Tbilisi, celebrated for her skill in curating captivating voyages through rhythm and melody.
On June 2nd's Clubnight, we've invited the captivating and innovative London-based artist Object Blue, who derives inspiration from her classical roots as well as her explorations in electronic music. Object Blue's diverse range of tracks effortlessly maintain a danceable through-line, creating an immersive and intoxicating experience. Joining her on the lineup are two esteemed residents from our collective: Esi and Dali. 
✦ Sickdatired is taking over Space One this weekend, dropping a show illuminated by the urban setting. They're known for their ability to create a sound that is both energetic and thought-provoking.
Space Two is all prepped to host the second Clubnight on June 3rd, featuring a lineup full of local flavor. Tevz, a member of Mtkvarze's crew, will be joined by our very own Routes not Roots for a back-to-back effort. Joining them are Umbruter and Kraumur, bringing their versatile and yet very singular sound to the room. 

On Friday, June 9, we have a special guest joining us from Belgrade's club scene, Tijana T. She's a vital figure in the city's nightlife and has gained worldwide recognition with her signature sound during her residencies at Serbia's essential clubs like the intimate 20/44 and the Drugstore. Accompanying Tijana T at Space Two are Zurkin from Vodkast and one of our beloved artists, Mancho.
For Saturdays Clubnight, On June 10, we've curated a lineup of spearheading artists who represent the next wave of talent shaping the city's thrilling nightlife. One from the neighboring Tes Club's crew, Dj Sense. Other from Vodkast, Sandro Jornebandze, and lastly, Utah, who'll mark her debut at Space Two.
On June 16th, Clubnight at Left Bank's Space Two will feature Pariah, alongside our residents Sportsmanship and Giorgi Pipia. Coming up on the post-dubstep wave that reinvigorated UK club music, Pariah is one of the most consistently inventive producers and DJs, that is known for his boundary-pushing musical output for more than a decade and is one-half of Karenn with Blawan.
Space Two will host its second Clubnight on June 17th. Smidek, a LYL radio host who runs CEREALS, a collaborative practice for music, art, and design, will be joined by Maximilian Klee, aka fka.carlo. They'll be supported by local XDJ Ratia, known to have an endlessly colorful selection of music.
On Friday, June 23rd, we're hosting CEM, the resident and co-founder of Herrensauna’s infamous underground parties. The sheer pace of their preferred grade of rhythm is offset by CEM's enigmatic presence and selection, which will be interpreted at Space Two together with a member of our collective Wesley Wise, and Tbilisi local 3AM.
The second Clubnight is set to take place at Space Two on June 24th. Karina Saakyan, who has been in the industry for more than twenty years, will be accompanied by two prominent personalities from the local music scene, Lilith and Vnojka.
On June 30th, the Clubnight for the last Friday of the month kicks off, with both rooms all set to get things underway.
✦ At Space Two, we have invited CCL, a Berlin-based multidisciplinary artist and former curator of the New Forms festival. Both as a producer (Fever AM, Discwoman, etc.) and as a singular DJ, CCL is known for delivering a pure sonic adventure. They will be teaming up with Seqta, a resident DJ of the TES Club, and one of our collective members, Ash Scholem.
✦ At Space One, we're hosting Ika Jojua, a local sound and visual artist also known as Aghnie. Aghnie's artistic journey has seen a transformation from recontextualizing religious and devotional music forms to venturing into the realm of club music, where Ika skillfully blend various electronic dance styles. Joining Aghnie is the talented young producer Svecki, whose musical repertoire spans from noise to innovative club genres, with a particular focus on sound art.
To kick off the month on July 1st, for Saturday's Clubnight, we invited GWÄN. She will be sharing the DJ booth of Space Two with Casper and Edge.
On July 7th, for Clubnight, we've invited Lena Willikens. As a long-time resident of Salon Des Amateurs in Dusseldorf, she has honed her skills and stands out as a special selector. Lena is a vital part of the Comeme Records crew and has collaborated with artists like Barnt. Joining her on the lineup are Kinzua, and our resident Giorgi Pipia at Space Two. On the outdoor stage in the morning, our resident 5nipss will be performing.
On Saturday's Clubnight, we present a lineup of compelling DJs and selectors. Lournco Lvgs is a multi-talented artist who draws inspiration from the textural world in all his musical endeavors. As a DJ, producer, label manager, and booker, he skillfully explores the connection between tangible and intangible aspects of music. Joining him on stage will be two talented local artists: the up and coming Ketato M and Highlimiter.
On July 14th, we've invited Tañ, whose real name is Tanya Sanadze, to perform at Space Two. Tanya has been thriving post-lockdown, with a monthly Rinse FM show and debuts at renowned venues such as Fabric and Panorama Bar. Her DJ sets encompass a wide range of electronic music, from upbeat and euphoric to the darker and harder sounds. Tañ's mixes are constantly evolving, catering to the club atmosphere while maintaining a sense of playfulness. She will be sharing the DJ booth with members of our collective Kraumur and Routes Not Roots. Additionally, Kdema will be playing at the outdoor stage in the morning.
Fear No System, a Tbilisi-based label aiming to reinvent the electro and techno sounds of the '90s while embracing experimentation, is teaming up with us for our Saturday's Clubnight on July 15. The founder, Bass Commander, will be joined by Digital Groove Affair, a duo consisting of Solo Gagua and Giorgi Kakoishvili, who formed in 2016. Additionally, TES resident Generali Minerali will be delivering a live performance at Space Two.
On Friday, July 21, Clubnight at Left Bank's Space Two will feature Hamburg-based DJ Mell G, alongside Vokdast's Zurkin, and Nozza. With a deep-rooted passion for crafting sonic journeys, head of Juicy Gang Records, DJ Mell G is making her mark on the global stage, as she set to become a force to be reckoned with in the electronic music landscape. For the morning call, our resident Ash Scholem, will be performing at Outdoor stage.
On Saturday, 22 July, Left Bank's Space One hosts 'BANK ME OUTSIDE, HOW ABOUT THAT?' a party series created by a Georgian duo of queer performers - MARGARITA ELEKTRA. It is all about feeling the joy of your inner soul, getting some sparkles inside your head, and of course, partying hard. To add an extra layer of magic to the installment, Space One will also feature Beto and a special performance by GVANTSA & Levau Shvelidze. 
The last weekend of the month kicks off on Friday, July 28th showcasing London-based label AD 93. Founded in 2014 as an offshoot of XL Recordings subsidiary, Young Turks, the label ran under the name Whities for six years, that has released music from producers like Lanark Artefax, Overmono, and Avalon Emerson to name a few. Now, with the new name but the same sense of adventure, AD 93 is one of the most influential labels around. At Space Two, the founder of the label itself — Nic Tasker will be joined by Italian electronic musician and producer TSVI aka Anunaku, whose music is characterized by its fusion of traditional and contemporary sounds, drawing influences from various genres. They'll share the DJ booth with one from our residents' list — Sportsmanship.
The Space One at Left Bank maintains its distinctiveness from the regular club music experience, this time with the inclusion of talented local artists: #7360, GTS_111, FOTD and MUD DAILY performing on Saturday, 29 July. 
On August 4, Friday's Clubnight showcases BRUTALISM, the Cologne-based cultural research platform. Founded 8 years ago by Dornen, lomi, and Måtyrer, inspired by the architectural style, they focus on making sound-based BRUTALISM accessible in a club context. Their interpretation of dance music which influences, from electroacoustic and experimental to classic club techno and electronic hyper pop, will be delivered in Space Two by Dornen and Lomi together with Mariami, while Mårtyrer is up outdoors.
On August 5, Saturday's Clubnight starts with a member of our collective Routes Not Roots hosting music enthusiast and record collector  Dirac at Space Two. Joining the lineup is the talented DJ and producer from Batumi, Astrobee, who will be performing live.
On August 11, Friday's Clubnight at Space Two presents our resident  Giorgi Pipia sharing the booth with Zozo, a stalwart of Turkish electronic music. Founder of A.F.O.M. label, Lyon's Macadam Mambo collaborator, and Sameheads resident, she has grown to be one of the indisputable names in the global dance music scene. Additionally, Kraumur is set to open a basket full of morning tunes at outdoors.
On Saturday, August 12, Left Bank is launching a new party series — Community Gathering, dedicated to discovering and promoting emerging artists in the local electronic music scene. For this initiative, we've teamed up with Rave Community Georgia to create a platform for DJs and producers to showcase their skills.  It's all about supporting growing artists and connecting with the local electronic music community.

Friday's Clubnight on 18 August hosts music producer, composer, and sound artist Nesa Azadikhah together with member of our collective Ash Scholem at Space Two. Founder of the infamous Deep House Tehran and resident DJ of neighboring TES club, Nesa's talent has made her one of Iran's most sought-after DJs/producers, touring Europe regularly. They'll share the nights bill with our resident 5nipss, who is set to perform at outdoors.
On August 19, Saturday's Clubnight at Space Two features TES resident Ottonian alongside French DJ and Rinse FM host Carin Kelly, known for her percussive sets that catch dancefloors off guard with her ingenious blending of tempos and genres. Additionally, a member of our collective, who's been busy producing music lately — Wesley Wise is set to perform live.
On Friday, 25 August, Left Bank's Space Two hosts a producer and DJ from Brussels Emily Jeanne together with Warsaw-based DJ and vocalist, founder of FURDA — hermeneia. While hermeneia mainly focuses on bass-heavy sounds, contrasting bulky floor-fillers with gossamer ambiance, Emily Jeanne is comfortable playing peak time club sets or deeper introspective selections. The night will be extentded by GWÄN, the project led by Berlin-based Gvantsa Todadze at outdoors. 

The last Clubnight of the month starts on Saturday, August 26, with two members from our residents list — Sportsmanship and Dali hosting live performance of COUNSELLORS OF GOD, a joint project by Neon Warrior and Generali Minerali at Space Two.

Launching the Autumn season, the first Clubnight starts on Friday, September 1st, with producer and DJ Jennifer Loveless joined by Ani Kvirkvelia, a familiar face at Space Two. Hailing from Toronto and currently residing in Melbourne, Jennifer Loveless is at the forefront of the thrilling new wave of DJs and producers in the city. Sharing the night's schedule with them is member of our collective Routes not Roots, ready to perform at outdoors.

On September 2, Saturday's Clubnight hosts Ediciones Capablanca's Hugo with our resident, Low Fuzz's curator, producer, and DJ Esi. Joining the lineup is the talented selector and radio host Nika Maisuradze aka W.C.A.N at Space Two. 

On September 8, Friday's Clubnight at Space Two presents Kevin McAuley, also known as Pangaea. Kevin is a key figure in the UK dance music scene and co runs the renowned Hessle Audio label with Ben UFO and Pearson Sound. His musical output combines elements of UK dance history with his own unique and explosive sound. Joining him on stage at Space Two will be two members from our team, Gacha Bakradze and Ash Scholem, who will deliver back-to-back performance. And to top it off, local artist DRO will be performing outdoors.

On Saturday, September 9, second Clubnight starts with a member of our collective Giorgi Pipia hosting a skilled producer and resident DJ at the nearby TES Club  — Seqta at Space Two. Joining the lineup on outdoor stage is Mancho, a dedicated contributor to the local scene.


Tickets at the door only.
All night long.
No Photo, No Video.

Friday's Clubnight on 15 September hosts Viikatory a talented producer and DJ from Minsk. Her expertise centers around high-tempo Electro, as evidenced by her releases on well-known labels such as Tresor, Juicy Gang Records, Warning, and International Chrome.  Sharing the stage that night will be Wesley Wise, a collective member, and DJ Sense, a resident at the neighboring TES club.

On September 22, Friday's Clubnight showcases Slagwerk, an event series, music label, and platform primarily focusing on contemporary experimental music based in Brussels. Their style spans metamodern internet culture to immersive spiritual ambiances combined with bold metallic club environments. At Space Two, we'll host Otis, the founder of Slagwerk, accompanied by the audiovisual artist François Boulanger, also known as ssaliva, and fetva, known for unconventional style.


Tickets at the door only.
All night long.
No Photo, No Video.

Saturday's Clubnight on September 23 welcomes an exciting array of DJs and selectors, complemented by a live performance. Minou Oram (LYL / Cereals), the visionary behind FEMDEX, will be taking over the DJ booth at Space Two, accompanied by the up-and-coming artist Ubax. Additionally, emerging electronic music composer and artist Anka Odishelidze, also known as ELY ANN will perform live.

On September 29, Friday's Clubnight at Space Two presents our resident Kraumur co-hosting the DJ booth with Kasra V, a skillful DJ and producer born in Tehran and now based in London. Known for his role as an NTS radio host, Kasra V seamlessly merges Eastern and Western musical elements, transcending genre boundaries. For the morning call, Nozza is set to deliver his latest musical explorations.

As September comes to a close, the final Clubnight begins on Saturday, September 30th. Taking place at Space Two, the evening will feature a live performance by Tina & Tedi, alongside a set by Sportsmanship, a collective member, who will also share the stage with Generali Minerali, a producer and DJ from TES club.

The first Clubnight of the month will feature German DJ and producer Piska Power (Power Station, Voam) and Australian DJ, the famous Animalia imprint curator, Kia. Originating from Melbourne’s underground after-hours rave culture, Kia is known for her skill in weaving deep musical narratives. They’ll share the DJ booth at Space Two with Ketato M, an emerging talent from the local scene.
All night long.
No photos, no videos.
Tickets are available on RA and at the door only.
On Saturday, October 7, the Left Bank Live series returns with 'Spines' album release party showcasing three distinct live performances. Space Two will host two emerging electronic music composers from CES records alongside the author of the album - Natalie Beridze. Extending the night will be local selectors, the founder of Creative Education Studio sTia, and the young and talented Den.
✦ Ani Zakareishvili, known by her DJ name Kdema has a keen interest in acousmatic and sample-based music. Her first album, "Mtirala," released in 2021, received immediate acclaim.
✦ Tazo Meipariani has been passionate about art since he was a little kid and started creating it from a young age. Inspired by the sounds of everyday life, Tazo released his debut 9-track album "Cold Outside" just this year.
✦ Natalie Beridze (TBA) is a pioneering Georgian electronic music composer known for her innovative approach. With a background in visual media, she transitioned to music production, releasing under various aliases on esteemed labels like Max.E., Laboratory Instinct, CMYK, Chainmusic, CES Records, and Monika Enterprise.

On October 13, Friday's Clubnight puts INDEX:Records in the spotlight, a label committed to producing authentic dance music that defies rigid genre classifications. The label is now predominantly based in Berlin but has strong connections to the UK, and New Zealand. Taking the stage at Space Two will be Conna Haraway, a producer from Glasgow and co-owner of INDEX:Records, alongside Berlin-based composer, DJ, and performer Madelyn Byrd, known as Slowfoam. Topping the bill is Sseq, a London-based Georgian producer and DJ.

Tickets are available on RA and at the door only.

Friday, October 20, marks the second anniversary of our beloved Left Bank, and for that special occasion the entire lineup will be filled by members of our collective all night long. The birthday party at Space Two features three different live performances: Sportsmanship will make his solo debut alongside collaborations from Esi and Wesley Wise; Gacha Bakradze and Ash Scholem. Completing the celebration are back-to-back DJ performances by 5nipss and Kraumur; Routes Not Roots and Giorgi Pipia.
Saturday's Clubnight at Space Two features radio host, DJ, and mentor Ani Kvirkvelia joined by local DJ and producer Izzanami.  The night will be extended with a live performance by Santebela, a producer currently based in Tbilisi.
On 27 October, the Last Friday of the month starts with the first residency night of Pariah, producer/DJ, and one-half of Karenn with Blawan. Coming up on the post-dubstep wave that reinvigorated UK club music, Pariah is one of the most consistently inventive producers and DJs. Recently added to our resident lineup, he's set to take over the DJ booth at Space Two alongside Vodkast's Zurkin and Tbilisi local 3AM.
On Saturday, October 14, we return with a special collaboration with our resident Esi to present the next installment of the Low Fuzz series. Space Two will feature Vodkast's JD, alongside DJ and producer Ren Schofield, also known as Container. Ren has spent the past decade perfecting his unique sound, cementing himself as a distinctive and disorderly force in modern electronic music. Joining the lineup is BMI (Octachoron, Fear Pollution, 3 Suli, Soulvent), an artist who has left an indelible mark on Tbilisi's modern electronic music landscape.
With Halloween weekend upon us, it feels like the right time to announce our next installment of Community Gathering. On Saturday, 28th of October, we've Halloween Special, hosting carefully curated lineup of newcomer artists in the local electronic music landscape.
On Friday, November 3rd, NOODS and LYL Radio resident just claudia will be joined by Gwän, the project led by Berlin-based Gvantsa Todadze. just claudia was part of the shift of the Czech electronic music scene and is known for her blending entrancing hooks from various genres with hints of heavy introspectionism and mood-lifting beats. Sharing the night's schedule with them is DJ Surge, club Bassiani regular, who’s influenced by Detroit and Chicago dance music. 
On november 4, Saturday's Clubnight hosts one of the most influential figures in the Georgian electronic music scene - Gio Shengelia with our crew member Routes not Roots. Adding to the lineup at Space Two is Punk Attack, an up-and-coming electronic music producer and DJ known for his unconventional and gritty sound. 
Friday's Clubnight on 10 November hosts GiGi FM, talented producer and DJ from London. Sea~rène records owner and NTS radio host GiGi associates textures and colours to sounds within the music, giving her a unique approach to collecting, selecting, playing and making music unlike many others. Joining the stage at Space Two will be two of our resident artists, Gacha Bakradze and 5nipss with B2b effort and Script, project of Georgian DJ and producer Levan Mkheidze.
On Saturday, November 11, the second Clubnight brings back Ani Kvirkvelia, a local DJ recognized for her varied sounds, alongside LVN, an artist incorporating minimal and trance influences. Additionally, Nozza and Utah, two promising artists representing the new wave of Tbilisi's music scene will deliver a joint performance at Space Two.
On November 17, Friday's Clubnight at Space Two presents Herrensauna resident DJ Saliva. The Portugal-born, Berlin-based DJ keeps things naughty with a hedonistic psychedelia with a prickly electro energy that gives their sets a riotous, knife’s edge tension. Joining them in the room is Aghnie, Tbilisi-based sound artist and DJ, founder of guerilla party series H3LL, aiming to push forward new forms of club sounds.
On December 2, Saturday's Clubnight hosts clicklounge, a notable figure in the Vilnius scene and a member of Opium Club and Gallery 1986. Joining in at the DJ booth of Space Two will be local DJ and producer Love Via Computer, accompanied by VFY, a side project of Erekle Tabukashvili. 

On December 7th, Left Bank Live series returns with a special collaboration with Goethe-Institut Georgia to host the solo live performance of German electronic musician and composer, Hans-Joachim Roedelius, at Space Two.
On December 22, Left Bank will host British musician, composer, DJ and producer Lee Gamble accompanied by members of our collective 5nipss and Giorgi Pipia. Over the years, Lee Gamble has released a series of critically acclaimed albums on labels such as PAN, Hyperdub, Entr'acte and his very own UIQ. Apart from that, Gamble has cultivated an expansive DJ style, ranging from abstract mixes to "futuristic club bangers," as showcased in his Motor System moniker on NTS, delving into contemporary dance floor mechanics.

Quemmekh is making a return to Space Two with an exciting new live show on the 23rd of December at Left Bank. But before that, make sure not to miss the opening act by SPID, they'll be setting the perfect tone for the night.
On Thursday, 8 February, Left Bank live series returns with album release party of Post Industrial Boys. While the name may suggest a band, this project is actually the work of just one person. George Dzodzuashvili aka Gogi is pioneer of local electronic music and is part of the Goslab artist collective. With this alias, he has previously released two albums on Max Ernst and one on Karaoke Kalk. After an eight-year hiatus, he returns with a new album titled '1971', which is his most personal and introspective work to date. The album takes listeners into its own world, filled with memories from the past and incredibly precise observations that make you feel like you're experiencing them yourself. Gogi will perform Live at Space Two for the first time.
On the second Saturday of February, there will be two slots filled by four artists for the Clubnight. Our resident Routes not Roots has invited a local talent Nozza, who draws inspiration from trance and progressive music. They will be joined by Pasha, co-founder of club Harbor , and Giorgi Devadze, a member of the Clime event series. Both have played significant roles in developing Batumi's electronic music scene and now they'll share their latest findings at Space Two.
This Friday's Clubnight on February 9th will feature Ika, co-founder of the vinyl imprint and party series called Future Funktion in NYC and Tbilisi-based record store/label/party series Small Moves. Joining him will be Ani Kvirkvelia and GWÄN both frequents at Space Two, as well as Dual Pistols, an artist who blends diverse cultural influences into his music.
For our Clubnight at Space Two on Friday, February 16th, we are thrilled to have our resident Dali return after being absent for quite some time. Joining her will be fellow collective member Wesley Wise and the skilled producer and DJ from Khidi's residents list, OTHR
For the next Community Gathering on Saturday, 23 February, we've six artists at Space Two all going back-to-back on three different slots. This event series is a collaboration with the Georgian Rave Community, dedicated to discovering and promoting local emerging talents.
After his appearance in the series, Amares is back at ours alongside Spira Records founder, Tsott. Unlike them, Ryn and Shnebzzi, who are notorious for their love of Detroit techno, will be making their debut at Space Two. And last but not least, yet another promising talent Mirrage will be accompanied by Temo to complete the line-up.

Up next on 23 February, Friday's Clubnight offers something special. Our resident Kraumur is teaming up with Mancho for an exciting back-to-back performance. They'll be joined at Space Two by Ketato M, an emerging talent from the local scene. Completing the lineup are Khidi resident Body Pressure, also known as Puritan, and Cillian, both making their debut appearance at our booth.
February 24th marks the debut of Resident Select, our new event series. In each edition, Left Bank resident takes charge of curating the lineup,  setting the tone for the sound, energy, and atmosphere on the dancefloor.
On Saturday, first-ever Resident Select will be curated by Giorgi Pipia, who invites artists from the local eelctronic music scene. 
February 24th marks the debut of Resident Select, our new event series. In each edition, Left Bank resident takes charge of curating the lineup,  setting the tone for the sound, energy, and atmosphere on the dancefloor. On Saturday, first-ever Resident Select will be curated by Giorgi Pipia, who invites artists from the local eelctronic music scene. 
The first Clubnight of the month begins on Friday, March 1st, revered featuring DJs and selectors.  Satz's head Bekuchi is back at our booth, this time with Hudson, co-runner of the Tbilisi-based record label and party series Pluto's Plan. They'll share the DJ booth of Space Two with Lisbon-based DJ and producer Lournco Lvgs and Natuta from the Eau De Cologne collective.

On Saturday, March 2nd, Clubnight presents Usherenko, co-founder of the NYC-based Vinyl Imprint/Party Series - Future Funktion and Tbilisi-based record store/label/party series - Small Moves. Joining him at Space Two are Audio Space from Mzesumzira and local newcomer FOTD.

On Friday, March 8th, we're celebrating International Women's Day with a lineup full of compelling DJs from the local electronic music landscape. Our residents Ash Scholem and Dali are going b2b for the first time, while Utah returns to our booth after quite some time. Ina Kacz, a French/Polish DJ and producer, will be joining them, adding her sharp and eclectic selection at Space Two. 

On March 9th, Saturday's Clubnight brings back Faction, an event series by local DJs and producers that highlights the vibrant talents of the techno scene.  The second edition of the series features Cirkle, a Greek DJ/Producer who's been the resident DJ of Athens' staple Six Dogs for more than a decade. He'll be joined by Nasi, a multi-instrumentalist, DJ, and producer, notorious for his involvement in projects like Metastasis and MokuMoku. Completing the lineup are the co-founders of Faction itself, Script, and Uvall.

This Saturday's Clubnight on March 16 brings Dardenne, a record collector and member of the Ojoo Music family from Belgium, alongside Pasha, co-founder of club Harbor, to Space Two. Joining them is Levan Grdzelidze, the DJ/producer behind Glispy Records. 
Since spring is in full swing, we're taking the party outdoors. With several EP's up on his sleeve, up-and-coming rapper, Pi Gang/Pi Records owner Mazyes will perform live with support from borisluvv, founder of the babymilkmafia event series.
Up next on Friday, March 15th, Clubnight at Space Two hosts Zurkin, pivotal figure in the local electronic music scene, bringing his rarities once again at our booth.  He'll be joined by Memotech, from Batumi's .clime movement, and one of our residents, 5nipss.
Coming up at our Community Gathering, on Saturday, March 23, we're welcoming emerging talents from both local and international scenes to Space Two. This initiative, in conjunction with the Georgian Rave Community, is all about spotlighting developing artists.

Back at our booth is Horns, a notable figure in Copenhagen's underground scene, known for his residency at the Vortex party series and membership in the Bunkerbauer collective. Joining him is Jacob Surmanidze, aka Iakob from the club KIBE crew, and Lighspark, known for her distinctive techno sounds and a unique genre-spanning selection.
Friday's Clubnight on March 22 brings back Ani Kvirkvelia, a multidisciplinary artist and DJ alongside Dual Pistols, Dual Pistols, an artist renowned for infusing diverse cultural elements into his music. They'll be joined by Citizens Union, co-founder of the Eau de Cologne queer party collective, performing at Space Two.

We're bringing the outdoor stage to life once again, and this time around, it's Moku J and Moku T from MokuMoku taking the spotlight.
Saturday's Clubnight on March 30th welcomes Bass Commander, the founder of Fear No System label in Tbilisi, alongside our crew member Wesley Wise. Completing the lineup is Mariam Kajaia aka Amares, who draws inspiration from a diverse array of influences, weaving together

March 29th, the last Friday of the month, marks the return of VFY, a secondary project by the well-known Tobako Tween, this time performing b2b with Yamoc, fusing elements of 90's House, Trance, and Breaks. Joining them at Space Two are LVN, an artist incorporating minimal and trance influences and our resident Kraumur.

On April 5th, Friday's Clubnight features Pluto's Plan, record label and party series based in Tbilisi. At Space Two we've Superconscious Records founder Fantastic Man who has become one of the most exciting and revered producers on the circuit having released music on the likes of Mule, Love on the Rocks and Kitjen. He'll be joined by Pluto's Plan crew member Hudson, promising representative of the new wave of the Tbilisi electronic music scene Utah and Gio Shengelia, one of the most influential figure in Georgian electronic music.
Space Two is gearing up for another Resident Select on Saturday, April 6th. In this series, one of our residents selects the lineup and sets the tone for the dancefloor. Routes not Roots is curating this edition, bringing in artists from the local electronic music community. For this special occasion, Rene, dedicated record collector and co-founder of Domain Records marks his debut at Left Bank. Cobert is joining him with a live performance, delivering the wormhole of his signature subversive electronics. The lineup is rounded out by another B2B between the curator Routes not Roots and our regular, Nozza.
April 12's Friday Clubnight brings together Giorgi Devadze, a rising talent from Batumi, and Vodkast's Zurkin, recognized for his adventurous approach to music that goes beyond typical electronic genres. Joining them for the night are members of our collective Gacha and Ash with yet another B2B performance at Space Two.
On April 13th, Saturday's Clubnight hosts Dirac, the record collector known for his fresh finds, and Vaxy, the music mentor and long-time music enthusiast. Joining them at Space Two is Lila Turanga, an emerging artist to watch. Outdoors, Tbilisi-based artist–musician, vocalist, and guitarist, Aine Merme, also known as Natuka Natsvlishvili, will be performing live. Her music is characterized by an atypical style of composition, songwriting, performance, and presentation, often twisting the classical structure of a song. Natuka started playing the guitar at the age of 14 with a dream to become a classical guitarist. She soon got involved in the Tbilisi punk scene, attempting to combine these two musical dimensions. On April 13, Aine Merme will perform old and new compositions together with her collaborator musicians and friends: Khatia Koridze, Nika Gabadze, and Soso Tsagareishvili.
Friday's Clubnight on December 15 features two of our residents Kraumur and Esi hosting artists from the local and international electronic music scene. Arnii, Georgia-born, has been based in Prague for almost a decade. Having nurtured respect and love for the local scene and inter-club collaborations, he is a hands-on curator and DJ playing anything from UK-infused techno, bass, neo-grime, and experimental club music. He'll be joined by Sevda, Khidi resident and one of the most prominent local musicians in Georgia.
Up next on Saturday, 20 April for Clubnight at Space Two we've two B2Bs all night long featuring representetives from the local electronic music community.  Cypher, known for his distinctive groovy techno sound is teaming up with Mancho, our regular. They'll be joined by members of our collective Dali and 5nipss at Space Two.
On April 26th, Friday's Clubnight welcomes back Sportmanship, our resident who has been absent for some time. This time, he'll perform a B2B set with another resident, Giorgi Pipia, at Space Two. Also on the lineup are Memotech and Iotham, promising talents from the local community, along with Wesley Wise, a member of our crew.
April 27th, Saturday's Clubnight at Space Two hosts yet another edition of Community Gathering,  an event series in collaboration with the Georgian Rave Community devoted to finding up-and-coming artists.
On May 3rd, Friday's Clubnight brings together Bekuchi, the driving force behind Tbilisi's SATZ record label, and Ika, the founder of SMALL MOVES, known for his unique selections that have become integral to both the Tbilisi and New York underground scenes. Joining them at Space Two are vinyl enthusiast Gia Tolordava, and Ash Shcolem, a member of our collective. 
Saturday, May 4th, Space Two welcomes Sidney Gerard, one half of Mura Oka and a co-founder of Latency Recordings, an independent label that has been exploring a wide musical range in connection with art and performance since 2013. Dual Pistols, from the KHIDI team, will be joining him, alongside Alexandra, representing the emerging wave of the local electronic music scene. 

Next up for Friday, May 10th, Clubnight at Space Two features DCHM, co-founder of Wuppertal’s renowned Mauke Club, and lyzanne, a regular at Köln's Gewölbe. For that night, our resident Sportsmanship will collaborate with a performer, producer, and DJ from the Tallinn-based collective Shelter. Also joining the lineup is Levente, recognized for his distinctive blend of rhythmic textures and dedication to diverse, progressive sounds.

Faction returns on May 11th for Saturday's Clubnight, continuing to spotlight the diverse talents of the techno scene. For the third edition, Space Two welcomes Atonism, a producer and DJ with a decade-long journey through the electronic music landscape. He'll be joined by upcoming talent, Pierce (PRX records, Balls Baile, Concrete Tbilisi), and co-founders of Faction, Gwän, and Script with B2B effort. 

On Saturday, May 18th we're illuminating our outdoor booth to feature a live performance by Martina Lussi from Switzerland, known for her ambient sonic creations infused with blissful electronics on labels like Latency and Hallow Ground. Our team members Dali, Izzanami and Wesley Wise will extend the night with DJ performances at Space Two.
On Saturday, May 18th we're illuminating our outdoor booth to feature a live performance by Martina Lussi from Switzerland, known for her ambient sonic creations infused with blissful electronics on labels like Latency and Hallow Ground. Our team members Dali, Izzanami and Wesley Wise will extend the night with DJ performances at Space Two.
On May 31, Friday's Clubnight at Space Two presents  Ario from Astral Industries (UK) and one-half of the Mystic AM project, along with Rod Modell (aka Deepchord). Ario's expertise lies in discovering rare musical gems and showcasing them with artistic flair. Trotsky, the founder of Fantastic Planet label, and Mtvare, known for his focus on Electro/Breakbeat sounds, will be there, alongside Giorgi Pipia, a dedicated member of our collective.
This Saturday's Clubnight on June 1st shines a spotlight on Florence-based record label and party series DE RIO. Tomo, one of the label's founders, will be at Space Two, accompanied by sound artist, experimental performer, DJ & producer Abo Abo. They'll be sharing the stage with Plastique01, a resident artist of DE RIO, who will be delivering a live performance.
Friday's Clubnight on 24 May hosts DJ/producer Jack Anderson, co-founder of Earth Dog Records based in Brooklyn, United States. Joining him at Space Two are Memotech, from Batumi's .clime movement, our resident Routes not Roots, and Zaqaria, a notable member of Tbilisi's nightclub community.
On Saturday, May 25th, Space Two hosts the return of Bekuchi, a frequent guest at Tbilisi's most underground nightlife spots. As the head of SATZ, a local electronic music label, he's dedicated to pushing the boundaries of underground house & techno. Dual Pistols, from the KHIDI team, will be joining him, alongside Alexandra, representing the emerging wave of the local electronic music scene.
On June 7th, Friday's Clubnight sees the return of Citizens Union, co-founder of the queer party series Eau de Cologne, and Utah, recognized for her dynamic sets and a keen eye for hidden gems. They will be hosted by our resident Ash Scholem at Space Two.
Space Two is set for another Resident Select on Saturday, June 8th.  This series allows one of our residents to choose the lineup and set the mood for the dancefloor. This edition is curated by Kraumur, featuring artists from the local electronic music scene.

Yves, a prominent figure in Georgia's underground clubbing scene is joined by a deep-dyed record collector Parna, bringing their b2b for the first time under Left Bank's roof. Adding to the lineup is Tevz, an essential member of Mtkvarze's booking team, with Kraumur curating the event.
Friday's Clubnight on June 14 welcomes back our resident from Bristol, Danielle. From NTS resident to illustrator, there’s not much Danielle can’t do. As a DJ and Soft Raw label boss, she merges styles to create a distinctive and natural groove. Sharing the controls of Space Two with her is Vodkast's Zurkin and our resident, Dali. 

On Saturday, June 15th, Clubnight features Steinblum, a Parisian DJ with experience in French and Belgian clubs and festivals, now making his mark in Tbilisi. Joining him at Space Two are Khidi resident Body Pressure (aka Puritan), and Cillian, the second project of DJ/producer Giorgi Zhvania. Completing the lineup is Sani, returning to share his sound palette after a hiatus.

On Saturday, June 15th, Clubnight features Steinblum, a Parisian DJ with experience in French and Belgian clubs and festivals, now making his mark in Tbilisi. Joining him at Space Two are Khidi resident Body Pressure (aka Puritan), and Cillian, the second project of DJ/producer Giorgi Zhvania. Completing the lineup is Sani, returning to share his sound palette after a hiatus.
On April 27th, Space Two welcomes you to another edition of Community Gathering for Saturday's Clubnight. In collaboration with the Georgian Rave Community, this event series focuses on uncovering new and emerging artists.

For Friday's Clubnight on 21 June, we're hosting Riccard.o0 from Liverpool, founder of forward-thinking techno collective INIQUITY. Our regular and recondite face behind the decks at Horoom, Olly is joining him at Space Two, alongside Nozza, a promising talent. With the summer in its full swing, Gio Shengelia is set to open a basket full of morning tunes at our outdoor space.
On Friday, June 28th Clubnight hosts Oma Totem, producer and DJ from Barcelona. Known for his dance-oriented and leftfield electronic style, he has releases on labels such as Hivern Discs, and Kalahari Oyster Cult, amongst others. Also appearing are German DJ Lennart Wiehe (Delsin, Kuratorium) and Sevda, a project from Khidi resident Laduka Ninua.

The last Clubnight of the month on Saturday features a special takeover in Space Two by our resident DJs.  Long awaited b2b from Sportsmanship and Wesley Wise is finally there, alongside Esi, bringing in his latest discoveries. Completing the lineup is 5nipss who will perform live for the first time.
On Friday, the 5th of July, our resident Routes Not Roots hosts two exceptional talents from Tbilisi's electronic music scene. KHIDI's Dual Pistols and the promising Joyc will deliver as they perform back-to-back for the first time at Space Two. Additionally, Bekuchi from Satz will bring his dynamic energy to the outdoor stage.

Saturday's  Clubnight on July 6th features Polish selector Sournois bringing her signature blend of hard techno and trance, alongside our resident Giorgi Pipia. Joining them for the night are Tbilisi-based Parisian DJ Steinblum delving into EBM and Italo-disco at Space Two

The residency of the renowned UK techno experimentalist Pariah continues on Friday, July 12th at Space Two. Pariah, a celebrated British music producer and DJ co-founded the Voam record label with Blawan (Jamie Roberts), and the duo has been collaborating for over a decade, performing and releasing music as Karenn and Persher. He'll be joined by our resident Ash in a b2b with Batumi's emerging artist Memotech, while local techno talent Olly will kick off the night with her intimate and intelligent selections.

The residency of the renowned UK techno experimentalist Pariah continues on Friday, July 12th at Space Two. Pariah, a celebrated British music producer and DJ co-founded the Voam record label with Blawan (Jamie Roberts), and the duo has been collaborating for over a decade, performing and releasing music as Karenn and Persher. He'll be joined by our resident Ash in a b2b with Batumi's emerging artist Memotech, while local techno talent Olly will kick off the night with her intimate and intelligent selections.

On Saturday, July 13th, Natata's 44files, the party series introduced a few months ago that showcases trap music and culture, will take over Left Bank's all three settings – Space One, Space Two, and Outdoors. The series continues to promote the genre with artists from both the local and international scene.
Up next on Friday, July 19th, Clubnight at Space Two features our resident, Sportsmanship, with David Hornung, a Different Times Crew member and owner of Munich's Rivera Recordstore.  Utah, known for her energetic sets and meticulous selection of hidden gems, will also be on the decks.

Local electronic music pioneer Gogi Dzodzuashvili, performing as Post Industrial Boys, takes over our outdoor stage. A member of the Goslab collective, Gogi's '1971' album cast a spell at its Left Bank premiere, and now he's back to enchant us once more.
On March 9th, Faction returns for Saturday's Clubnight, headlined by Amsterdam-based DJ Amoral, celebrated for her uptempo, emotive techno that has graced stages like Awakenings, Vault Sessions, Berghain, and Eerste Communie. She'll be joined by Different Sound's Ketevan, known for her soulful energy, Tbilisi-based Architect, fresh off releases on Duplicity and Synergie, and seasoned DJ/Producer Uväll.

EXPAT (Mykki Blanco and Samuel Acevvedo) show at Left Bank

The live show featuring Mykki Blanco and his project EXPAT on May 26th was an electric and unforgettable experience. The atmosphere in the venue was buzzing with excitement as the audience eagerly awaited the start of the performance. Mykki Blanco was joined by Samuel Acavvedo on guitar, and together they put on a dynamic and captivating show that left the crowd wanting more.

But the night was made even more special by the inclusion of Georgian queer artist IAMNIKITA and Sani as support acts. Their performances added even more diversity and excitement to the evening, making it a truly memorable experience for all in attendance.

While in Georgia, Mykki Blanco took the opportunity to explore the country and even filmed a music video for his new single, "French Lessons," in collaboration with Kelsey Lu. It was a truly unique and unforgettable experience, and the hosts were grateful to have the opportunity to host such a talented group of artists on such an important day in Georgia's history.

A small photo archive from the night serves as a testament to the unforgettable experience that was the Mykki Blanco live show. The energy and talent of Mykki Blanco and the other artists made for a night to remember, and we can't wait to bring more amazing live performances to our stage.

Thank you to everyone who attended the show at Left Bank on May 26th. We hope to see you at future live shows and continue to bring you exciting and memorable experiences like this one.

Photos - Mariam Giunashvili (Mzesu)

Deena Makes Her Debut: A look at Her First Live Performance

On December 8th, Tbilisi-based artist Deena (Elene Gigani) performed her highly anticipated debut live show at the Left Bank Live series. The show featured guest appearances by Didube label crew and label founder Nika Pasuri, who also produced Deena's recently released album on Didube Records.

Deena, whose name means "a girl" in the language of the Svans - a people from Georgia - brought her unique blend of melodic, sentimental vocals and dissonant, harmonically complex instrumentals to the stage. Her music reflects the conflicting experiences of a young woman in Georgia navigating relationships and global culture. The show was a resounding success, with the audience showing their support and appreciation for Deena and her music throughout the night. Mariam Giunashvili (Mzesu) captured the magic of the evening through her photos, providing a lasting visual record of this major milestone in Deena's career.

We are excited to see what the future holds for this talented artist and are grateful to have been a part of the celebration. The atmosphere at Left Bank was electric and the talent on display was truly impressive. Deena's unique blend of vocals and instrumentals captivated the audience, and the guest appearances by Didube label crew and label founder Nika Pasuri added an extra level of excitement to the show.

We extend our thanks to everyone who attended and contributed to the success of the event. It was a memorable night filled with great music and joy, and we are so grateful to have such a supportive community.

Sickdatired Brings Activism and Nonstop Music to Left Bank

On October 22nd, the Left Bank hosted the collective known as Sickdatired for a night of nonstop music and activism. The group, based in Tbilisi, is made up of artists, musicians, painters, and other creative individuals who use their art to challenge consumerist stereotypes and capitalism.

Sickdatired first gained notoriety in the Tbilisi area a year ago when bizarre graffiti with the phrase "sick 'n tired" appeared on a building in the center of town. The message resonated with many people and images of the graffiti quickly spread on social media. More graffiti from the group soon appeared in different parts of the city, though the artists remained anonymous.

Eventually, Sickdatired began releasing merchandise and hosting parties at local venues, including the Left Bank. These events have become popular with Gen Z kids and are known for their energetic atmosphere, with sweat and mosh pits a common occurrence.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, many teenagers who turned 18 had to adjust to clubbing in a new way, and the Left Bank had to adapt to accommodate these young people. Hosting parties from local movements like Sickdatired has been an interesting process, and the club is happy to provide a space for these events to take place.

In addition to hosting club nights, the Left Bank's Space One venue is also used for a variety of other events such as live shows, film screenings, and performances. Sickdatired's events are particularly special, offering a unique combination of music and visual elements.

Photo Credit: Mariam Giunashvili. (Mzesu)

Live music night with Lolina, David and Chantal Michelle

17th November was a true showcase of experimental and avant-garde music, with Lolina, David Datunashvili, and Chantal Michelle each bringing their unique and innovative styles to the stage

Lolina, also known as Inga Copeland, kicked off the evening with her mesmerizing blend of R&B, dancehall, and electro-pop. Known for pushing the boundaries of electronic music, Lolina's live performance did not disappoint, as she explored the limitations and possibilities of the genre with an immersive and engaging set.

Next up was Georgian composer David Datunashvili, who brought his ambient-experimental sounds to the stage. With a sound characterized by eerie guitar arrangements and noise experiments, Datunashvili's set was a true feast for the senses.

Closing out the night was New York City-based sound artist Chantal Michelle, who used a variety of acoustic instrumentation, synthesis, field recordings, and voice to create densely textured aural landscapes. Michelle's work, characterized by tension and non-linear arrangements, was a fitting end to an evening of experimental and avant-garde music.

Overall, the show was a showcase of some of the most innovative and forward-thinking musicians in the scene today, and it's clear that Lolina, David Datunashvili, and Chantal Michelle are each making waves in their respective fields. If you're a fan of experimental and avant-garde music, be sure to catch these talented artists the next time they come to town.

Behind the Decks: A History of Pearson Sound

Electronic music is constantly evolving, making it challenging for producers to keep up with the latest trends. DJs can update their collections, but completely reinventing one's sound is much more difficult. The UK in particular is known for its diverse dance music scenes, which can emerge and disappear quickly. David Kennedy, one of the members of the Hessle Audio label, understands this well. Along with Pangaea and Ben UFO, Hessle Audio helped create a new sound after the dubstep era, launching the careers of many new artists and paving the way for experimental sounds. Hessle Audio's early days featured artists like Blawan, Cosmin TRG, and Objekt, whose current sounds are vastly different from the label's original Bristolian figures such as Peverelist, Kowton, and Bruce. Kennedy, who produces under Pearson Sound, has played a significant role in shaping Hessle Audio's unique style. He has experimented with many different genres throughout his career. On March 31st, Pearson Sound will showcase his take on UK dance music at Space Two, and in this article, we look back at some of the defining moments of his career.

Tempest" by Ramadanman is a powerful and dynamic track that combines elements of dubstep and techno to create a hypnotic and intense listening experience. The track features a driving beat with crisp, sharp percussion that sets the pace for the track. This is complemented by a deep and powerful bassline that provides a solid foundation for the entire piece. The track also includes a range of synth and atmospheric sounds that build tension and contribute to the overall sense of urgency. There are several breakdowns throughout the track where the beat drops out, allowing the listener to focus on the intricate textures and soundscapes that Ramadanman has created. Overall, "Tempest" is a masterful example of how to combine different styles and elements to create a cohesive and engaging piece of electronic music.

In "Blanked," David Kennedy showcases his talent for manipulating and reimagining classic sounds. He takes an amen break and slows it down, creating a sparse percussive rhythm that is complemented by a brooding bassline. However, the bassline doesn't dominate the track - instead, it's supported by synths and stylized vocal cries that add to the moody atmosphere. As the amen break reappears, it injects energy and movement into the track, making it impossible not to tap your feet along. This ability to deconstruct and rebuild classic arrangements is a hallmark of Kennedy's style, and "Blanked" is a prime example of his mastery of the technique. Ultimately, Kennedy's approach elevates the track to something greater than the sum of its parts.

On "Faint," David Kennedy joins forces with Boddika and Joy O to create a dark and moody track that is characterized by its low, dubby basslines and sparse, thudding percussion. However, what really stands out is the haunting refrain of "I begin to go weak," which adds to the track's sense of unease and despair. The repetition of these words creates a dragging, ceaseless feeling that adds to the track's overall moodiness. As the track progresses, it builds to a wall of sound that is more reminiscent of shoegaze than dubstep, showcasing the trio's versatility and range. The impact of "Faint" was apparent to many, with Roman Flügel even dropping it in the middle of a house set at Panorama Bar, demonstrating its cross-genre appeal. It's no wonder that the track continues to be highly regarded by fans and critics alike.

The track features a minimal, stripped-down approach that focuses on the interplay between various percussive elements. At its core is a thumping kick drum and a syncopated, metallic hi-hat pattern that provides the backbone of the rhythm. These elements are gradually augmented by additional percussive hits, including claps and various other metallic sounds, creating a sense of tension and urgency. The track gradually builds to a climax before breaking down into a series of stuttering rhythms and abstract textures, showcasing Pearson Sound's skill in crafting immersive soundscapes. Overall, "Thaw Cycle" is a hypnotic and engaging track that demonstrates the artist's mastery of minimal, percussion-focused electronic music.

In XLB, David Kennedy showcases his skill for crafting relentless dance tracks. The song features precarious hi-hats that contrast with a swirling pool of synths, but they only serve as a guide for the song's structure. The synths slowly dissolve, as if part of a vivid dream, until a frenzied bass line takes over in a percussive explosion. Despite his explorations in different genres, XLB is a testament to Kennedy's unwavering commitment to club-focused music and his talent for creating tracks that ignite the dance floor.

The title track "Red Sky" takes the listener on an 8-minute journey filled with dynamic breaks, powerful basslines, and mesmerizing synths. The track builds up its momentum with each passing moment, taking the listener on an unforgettable musical odyssey that showcases the artist's exceptional skills and creative vision. The carefully crafted arrangement of "Red Sky" highlights the artist's ability to create an immersive soundscape that keeps the listener engaged and captivated throughout the entire track. This is undoubtedly a standout piece of work that truly embodies the artist's talent and musical prowess.

With his innovative approach to sound design and willingness to experiment with different genres and styles, he has become a leading figure in the electronic music scene. Pearson Sound's unique approach to music production has earned him a dedicated fan base and respect from fellow producers and DJs. As he continues to push the boundaries of electronic music, we can expect to hear even more exciting and boundary-breaking work from him in the years to come. Pearson Sound's contributions to electronic music are undeniable, and his influence will undoubtedly be felt for years to come. 

Q&A with Danielle

When a true selector takes flight, it sounds as though they re-mould each track to fit their specific vision. That’s exactly the effect Danielle has as a DJ, drawing across stylistic divides to create an instinctive groove that's all her own. On top of a foundational core of house, techno, and electro, she folds in myriad sonic wildcards to create dynamic, innovative variations on the club music experience.


In the summer of 2022, Danielle became a part of our collective, and we are delighted to have her back with us on April 7 at Space Two. Prior to her return, we interviewed her to learn about her activities.


Hello! Thank you for taking the time to participate in this Q&A with us. To kick things off, how have you been doing lately, and what's been happening in your life this year so far?

Danielle:  Very well, thank you! The first 3 months of the year are always fairly chill for me gigs wise before things start picking up again from April on, so it’s been really nice to take it easy and not put too much pressure on myself to do anything too intense. I’ve just been spending my time digging for lots of music, I had the 2nd release out on my label at the beginning of March, and I've been seeing friends and family, exercising, and getting various plans locked in for the year ahead.


What is your earliest memory of being influenced by music?

Danielle: I remember being around all of my father's equipment in his basement studio and I recall him recording my twin and me singing along to the songs he was making. There were numerous instruments in there, and although I don't play any myself, sadly, I have always been in awe of the ones he plays, particularly the drums. I wish I could play them!

Could you share your experience and history with music? What were the initial genres or styles that captured your heart?

Danielle: When I first became interested in DJing, I taught myself to mix using my dad's classic and old school house records. Therefore, they are the initial genres that captured my heart. As my technical skills improved (while working at Phonica Records), I started to add new genres to my repertoire. Firstly, dubstep/bass music, as I was 18 when I started working there in 2009, so that was an exciting time for that sort of music. Since then, I have continued to listen to music, no matter what the genre is, and have developed a love for an incredibly wide range of genres, particularly leaning towards house/techno & electro.


What led you into DJing?

Danielle: A combination of working at Phonica and my dad's influence led me to teach myself how to DJ using turntables and vinyl at home. I started building a vinyl collection while working there, which encouraged me to keep it up. Additionally, I took the opportunity to play at Phonica's residency nights, such as the Big Chill Bar. This is how I started playing out initially. When I moved to Bristol, I became friends with the Timedance/Livity Sound crews, who invited me to play at their events. Around the same time, I got an NTS show (about seven years ago now), which enabled me to continue with DJing and build a bigger audience.

Credit: Crack Magazine

How do you find playing with other people? Do you have a dream b2b DJ?

Danielle: I LOVE playing b2b! It’s always exciting to me to see how one selects tracks when playing with someone else compared to playing alone. I'm considerate when playing b2b and find that I learn so much from the experience. I have an exciting b2b coming up on April 1st with Marie Montexier for the first time, and I’m also playing with Ryan Elliot again at MELT later in the year. We really enjoyed the last one, so I'm super happy to have the opportunity again. Some DJs off the top of my head that I would really like to do b2b with one day are CEM, Nosedrip, Pangaea, Powder & Helena Hauff!


Favorite BPM and why?

Danielle: This fluctuates for me! It really depends on whatever I've found recently. I often play through a wide range, anywhere from 80 to 160 bpm, and I am not good at playing things pitched up or down too much, which I imagine would annoy the artists if they heard me doing that haha. I quite like pitching down 140 tracks and pitching up 130 tracks, so maybe 135 bpm would be my favorite by default!

Credit: Lucy Werrett

Can you share a recent experience that brought joy to you and the people around you? Also, when was the last time you had a good dance?

Danielle: Playing in Room 1 at Fabric a couple of weeks ago was incredible! The room was full and although I had played there before, it was only for the opening set. This time, I played the second set of the night, so it was busier than what I’m used to and I just loved every second! I had a good dance that night. Also, last weekend at Strange Brew in Bristol when my friend Shanti Celeste played all night long was really fun. I had loads of pals around me, and it was just a great night overall.


What sort of other hobbies or interests do you have outside of electronic music?

Danielle: I am one of the co-creators of Mix Nights, which I helped found 7 years ago. It is a DJ course that was born out of a desire and recognition to address the gender and general diversity imbalance in the DJ world. We have expanded it to 3 additional cities since its inception. Besides that, I am also an illustrator.


Have you ever visited Tbilisi? If yes, how was your experience? If not, are you familiar with our city?

Danielle: Yes! I came and played for Left Bank last year, and that was my first time visiting Georgia. It’s a super exciting place, and I can’t wait to come back on the 7th! I spent the whole time taking photos of all the signs because I just couldn’t get my head around the script; it’s so pretty. It feels really special that I was made a resident after my first time playing at the club. The crew are all wonderful, and I can’t wait to hang out with you all again!


Lastly, what do you have planned for the upcoming future? We've heard about your recent record label launch. Could you share more information about it with us?

Danielle: I'm currently in the middle of listening to a load of potential tracks that have been sent by various people to work out what the next release will be. I have a very strong idea in mind of what I want, so I'm not rushing into it, but I have a few potentials which I'm excited about. I am also starting some parties. I have one locked in for November in Bristol which I am super happy to have been able to sort out, and I'm in the process of planning one in London for Q4 too.

Behind the Decks: Peach

DJ Peach, also known as Serena Pasion, is quickly making a name for herself in the world of dance music. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Pasion got her start as a DJ in the city's thriving nightlife scene. Since then, she has gone on to play some of the biggest festivals and clubs around the world, earning a reputation for her eclectic mixes and infectious energy.


On April 14th, Peach will present her interpretation of dance music at Space Two. This article reflects on significant instances from her career.

Credit: Marta Michalak


Peach's approach to DJing is centered on creating a journey for her audience. She takes her listeners on a ride, building up energy and creating a sense of euphoria. Her sets are known for their high energy and infectious beats, and she has a knack for reading the crowd and adjusting her selections accordingly.


In a recent interview with Mixmag, Pasion spoke about her unique approach to DJing. "I'm all about the journey," she said. "I want to take people on a ride and make them feel something." This approach has won her fans around the world, with her sets known for their high energy and infectious beats.

In addition to her DJ work, Peach is also a talented producer. Her tracks are characterized by their hypnotic rhythms and trippy soundscapes, drawing on influences from across the electronic music spectrum.

Peach's "Galaxy Girl" EP is a standout release that showcases her talent for seamlessly blending techno, house, and UK garage. The EP's infectious beats and masterful grooves make it a must-listen for fans of underground dance music.

Peach's "Fortune One" is a masterful EP that showcases her versatility as a producer. The four tracks effortlessly blend together elements of techno, UK bass, and house, creating a cohesive and infectious sound that is sure to please fans of underground dance music.

When it comes to her creative process, Peach is all about experimentation. She loves to play around with different sounds and textures, and she isn't afraid to take risks in the studio. She's constantly pushing herself to try new things and find new inspiration, whether it's through collaborating with other artists or drawing on unexpected influences.

Credit: Marta Michalak

For anyone interested in cutting-edge electronic dance music, Peach is also contributing to London's NTS radio with her show. With each episode, she carefully curates a selection of tracks that span the full range of the genre, from techno to house to UK garage and beyond. Her expert mixing skills and infectious energy create a truly immersive listening experience that is not to be missed. Each show also features exclusive guest mixes from some of the most exciting producers and DJs in the game, making for a must-listen experience for anyone interested in the future of dance music. Whether you're a longtime fan or a newcomer to the scene, Peach's NTS show is sure to delight and inspire.

Credit: NTS

As Peach's star continues to rise, she remains grounded and focused on her craft. She's passionate about creating music that connects with people and inspires them to dance and have fun. With her talent, energy, and creativity, there's no doubt that DJ Peach is a rising star in the world of dance music, and one to watch in the years to come.

Q&A with Oliver Hafenbauer

Oliver Hafenbauer is an experienced and versatile DJ who has a long-standing history as one of the key figures in the local club scene and beyond. Stylistically motivated by beat-driven and highly danceable music, he has a perfect sensitivity for the contexts he is involved with. A while ago, Oliver set his priorities differently and decided to pursue music full-time, hanging up a potential career in architecture after having DJed for years and promoted his party series. Oliver’s steady commitment to Offenbach’s highly respected venue, Robert Johnson, as its music director, has brought him widespread recognition. For over a decade, he managed the associated label of the same name on a day-to-day basis. Working behind the scenes has given him different perspectives and enabled him to form many alliances. Rather than producing as a strategy, he fosters talent on his imprint, Die Orakel, where he releases music positively undetermined between dance and ambient by artists like upsammy, O-Wells, or Poly Chain. Finally, Oliver's approach to playing music as a conceptual act within diverse networks of artists and audiences is what makes him an all-rounder of many qualities.


Oliver visited us for the first time last year in January 2022. We are thrilled to have him back with us on April 21 at Space Two, and prior to his return, we interviewed him to learn about his recent activities.


Q: Hey Oliver, thank you for taking the time to participate in this Q&A with us. To kick things off, how have you been doing lately, and what's been happening in your life this year so far?

A: Thanks for having me! My life is basically a constant change, right now I'm working on a project that deals with architecture, urban planning, and the city of the future. That's very exciting besides working with music. For me, it's very important to have this intellectual counterpoint to the music industry right now.


Q: Could you share your experience and history with music? What were the initial genres or styles that captured your heart?

A: I grew up with a lot of music, ranging from reggae to Kraftwerk to punk and techno. But what I'm most drawn to today is IDM, electronica, or ambient. To be honest, I can't narrow down the exact genre, but the time when the music was created was in the mid-80s to mid-90s. When I started going out to clubs like the Omen or XS, there was always the possibility to retreat to chill-out rooms next to the main room. Besides the intense dancing, this was the place where I spent most of my time with all my friends. We could have a good chat and listen to deep music there.


Q: You run a label, Die Orakel, which you launched in 2013. What is it like to run a label, and what obstacles do you face?

A: Managing your own label is great because there are so many talented artists making great music that needs to be released. There are definitely some challenges at the moment, especially with vinyl. The whole production process has become much more expensive and the prices for records in shops were already quite high years ago. Also, we now have to think about what sustainable materials can be used for production.

Q: What is a track that reminds you of your younger days?

A: There are of course endless. The Warp Records compilation ‘Artificial Intelligence’ has influenced me massively. I have listened to both editions of the compilation over and over again. One track I like to play at the moment is ‘Speedy J - Pepper (The Hot Mix)‘, the track almost has a lot of what I love about electronic music.


Q: What is the community like where you’re from?

A: I’m a child of the techno movement, I also started spraying graffiti when I was young. This became very intense the older I got. Graffiti was also a very important school for me, it was about a creative competition and you also got to know many different people from different areas of Frankfurt’s society. Later I was also interested in art, architecture, and design. I always found it very interesting to have an insight into many different areas of urban life. My network of relationships goes into almost all cultural areas.


Q: You were not only a resident but also the musical director/booker of Robert Johnson. What do you value, and what were your priorities when programming?

A: As a club, you have the following difficult task: on the one hand, you are a social and cultural place, i.e. a meeting point for a community. On the other hand, it has to be a profitable business. That means you not only have a responsibility for a certain community but also financial pressure. As a booker, it was primarily important to offer young local artists a professional platform where they can try themselves out, invite guests and grow - build up a local network and bring it together. What I have noticed in my work is that it is not enough to offer artists only one platform. You need a whole network of labels, distributors, agencies, etc. to build up artists. And I have to say that Frankfurt has lost a lot of this musical infrastructure in the last few years. That doesn't make the job easy. An important reason for founding EOS Radio was to separate music performances from the financial pressure and to offer artists an additional platform.

Q: What changes or developments would you like to witness in the dance community in the future?

A: Several aspects need to be resolved. Artists must be able to make money with their recordings without having to perform. For this, the compensation system of the streaming platforms would have to be adapted.


Q: Who or what outside of the music industry is currently influencing your musical inspiration?

A: I’m intensely influenced and inspired by my environment. Be it my child, art, or technical inventions. I’m just unsure if this influences my taste in music. I think this is more the case of producing artists, I just choose music but don't make it.


Q: Advice for beginning DJs?

A: I think they should just go ahead and do it.


Q: Lastly, what do you have planned for the upcoming future? What are your plans as a label owner? Could you share more information about it with us?

A: This year is the 10th anniversary of Die Orakel, we’re currently working on a compilation and have the design revised by a bureau from Frankfurt.


Q&A with Vân Anh

When it comes to techno, DJ Vân Anh is a true force to be reckoned with. With years of experience in the industry, she has developed a style that is entirely her own, blending techno and house influences into a sound that is both dynamic and compelling. With a growing reputation as one of the most exciting new talents in electronic music, DJ Van Anh is definitely one to watch in the years to come.


Ahead of her upcoming debut at Space Two on April 28, we had the privilege of interviewing Vân Anh to learn more about her background and musical influences.

Q: Welcome! We're grateful for your presence in this Q&A. To start off, could you share with us what's been happening in your life this year and how you've been feeling?

 A: Thank you for inviting me to play and participate in this Q&A. It has been a quiet but meaningful start to the year so far! I felt a little nervous at first with fewer gigs, but this spare time was necessary for me to recharge. Last month's gigs were all super nice, and I had the pleasure of playing at my favorite venues, such as De School and Berghain.


Q: Not only do you embrace music, but you also take part in various different ventures, including Feng Shui and making perfumes. How do you correlate those things with music?

 A:  As a DJ, I'm not only concerned with playing cool records, but I'm also interested in how sounds interact with space and people. As a Feng Shui consultant, I analyze the electromagnetic spectrum in people's homes that defines how we feel. So in both scenarios, my work is to balance people with the space to achieve a positive state. The language of perfumery uses a kind of musical scale that blends base, middle, and top notes to find harmony in the aromatic elements, very similar to mixing tracks using the EQ to balance the low, mid, and high frequencies. Everything is energy, and I love working with energies to make us feel better.


Q: Who or what outside of the music industry is currently influencing your musical inspiration?

 A: My home. Since I moved out of the city to the beach about a year ago, I have felt more connected with the music. Having the ocean as a constant background has helped me release the grip of my mind and let everything flow from the heart.


Q:What is a track that reminds you of your younger days?

 A: There’s a soundtrack for every period or special moment in my life. A euphoric track that reminds me of my early days of partying is Donna Summer - I feel love.

Q:What’s the first record you’ve acquired?

 A: My first vinyl is Stanislav Tolkachev - Like no one is watching.

Q: What led you into DJing?

 A: My imagination of the music I heard at a party.


Q: What sort of other hobbies or interests do you have outside of electronic music?

 A: My life revolves around music and esoteric science, but when my mind and ears are tired, I love to read fiction, travel in time and space and get lost in a story.


Q: Are you familiar with Tbilisi? If you've had the opportunity to visit, we'd love to hear about

 your experience. If you haven't been yet, what is your level of knowledge about our city?

 A: It's my first time visiting Tbilisi, and it's been high on my bucket list, so I'm really excited about going. I'm particularly looking forward to the crowd because I imagine that the people are very open-minded when it comes to music. I'm also excited to explore the city and try some dumplings. When I visited Kyiv, my friends took me to a Georgian restaurant a few times, and I still remember the juicy taste of it!


Q: And finally, what are your upcoming plans in the near future?

 A: We are bringing new life to ISOTOOP by launching a label this year alongside the event series. The first release will be from Vand & Shoal and is set to come out after the summer. As for the rest, I'll be playing here and there in Europe primarily, and then, hopefully, towards the end of the year, I'll head back to Asia to follow the sun!

Q&A with LUXE

Few occupy the niche that London-based artist LUXE has carved out for herself in the UK dance scene in recent years. She's a DJ staple, known for her eclectic yet concentrated selections that can mix in and shine out on a wide spectrum of lineups, unaffected by genre or scene limits. She quickly establishes a reputation as a producer of intelligently varied music that finds life on, and increasingly beyond, the dance floor.

We had the pleasure of interviewing her ahead of her impending debut at Space Two on May 19 to discover more about her background and musical influences.

Hi there! Thank you for joining us for this Q&A. To get started, could you please tell us about your recent activities and any significant events that have happened in your life so far this year?

Hello! I’ve been spending a lot of time writing lots of new music and have been experimenting and developing my sound. My most recent EP ‘Mineral & Moss’ came out on Planet Euphorique which was a bit of a full circle moment for me as I’ve loved that label since I was about 18 years old. I’ve had some really fun shows to start the year and I’m super excited to make debuts in lots of exciting cities in the coming months - Tbilisi being at the top of the list!

What's the latest thing you are happy about these days?
I’m happy and grateful to be in a position where I’m able to pursue my love for music, and it can sustain my life.

Can you tell me about your personal history with music? What genres or styles did you first develop a passion for?
My first passion was classical music. I studied the flute, piano, and sang from the age of about 5 or 6 and still play now. and am experimenting with merging classical and electronic sounds in my productions. I then started to discover electronic / dance music from the age of about 15 or 16 (this was listening to a lot of classic old school UK Garage like RIP productions but not really realizing what I was listening to at the time, but it definitely influenced me early on). Then, when I moved to Manchester to study music at university, I began to engage with the electronic music scene and community more and more and just started to collect music for myself. When I first started out, I was into a lot of UK techno and bass music, my taste has always spanned across a lot of genres, but I think it has always had that UK grittiness to it.

What is the story or message you are trying to convey through your music when you are performing as a DJ?
It ultimately depends on what mood I’m in, the vibe of the space, and the crowd. The message and vibe that I want to bring sometimes depend on the environment I’m in, but sometimes I come to play with a really strong sense of what I want to do with it. That being said, I would say that whatever I end up playing I want to infuse the crowd with an uplifting energy, synergy, and feeling of cohesiveness. I love bringing a balanced energy as much as I can into the booth, with a strong sense of tenacity and purpose. I love exploring how this specific feeling can be brought alive by a sound that spans across a whole host of different genres. I want people to walk away from my sets feeling a sense of togetherness and that special feeling when you really feel at one with everyone else in the crowd. This is what I search for in a good set, so I guess I’m trying to create that feeling for other people. Balance, cohesion, and gratification.

How did you get your DJ name?
I had a previous alias called DJ Luz from the age of about 18, and I knew that it didn’t feel right as a long term alias by about 2020. By the time I had my first tune being pressed on a record via Banoffee Pies in May 2020, I knew I wanted to change my name to kickstart the beginning of a new chapter. I was brainstorming one morning, and LUXE just clicked. I guess it’s similar but different to my name, Lucy and also has different connotations you can pull from it. I feel so at home with this alias, and I’ve never looked back!

Favorite BPM, and why?
I would say I struggle to choose a favorite as I love lots of different tempos for different reasons, but my go to BPM and where I feel super comfortable is 135. I just feel like it’s super bouncy, and I have a habit of pitching a lot of the music I have that’s between 125 -130 up to around 135 as it just sits nicely at that tempo.


Your two releases so far have been impressive, and the 70-minute production mixes you put out in 2021 and 2022 were just as captivating. It's clear that more releases are on the horizon - can you give us any information about what's coming next?

A: Thank you! Yes there are many more releases to come, I’m not sure I can reveal the exact labels just yet but they are all ones I’m very excited about. I feel as though my forthcoming releases are really going to help me express my development and breadth in the sound I’m growing into. I want to show how a sound can span across label spheres that host different sounds themselves, if that makes sense? Hopefully that will come across in the next releases.

There's also a record coming out with my close friend Angel D’lite which we can’t wait to share! I feel confident to say that the tunes are really exciting and definitely some of my favourite club tracks both of us have ever made. 

Collaborating with other musicians can be a lot of fun - what are your thoughts on playing with other people? And do you have a dream b2b DJ that you'd love to perform with?

I really enjoy playing with other people.  I think it’s a great way to learn and grow as an artist as it challenges you to think outside the box and brings you out of any sense of routine that may have developed when playing by yourself. I really enjoy the challenge whilst playing b2b with someone when you feel a little bit out of your depth. The feeling when you’re a bit floored for a second with what to play and have to dig quite deep in the realms of your collection but then whip out something pretty random and it goes down well is one of the best feelings! 

I find the dream b2b hard to answer as my goals / dreams are constantly developing but sound wise I’d love to play with CCL, their fusion of organic trancey spacey sounds with subby bassy grit is something I definitely relate to a lot. Would also love to play with Objekt for similar reasons.

Are there any books, films, art pieces or other things you’ve seen or been reading/watching over the years that might have inspired you that you might want to share?

A: I know it’s not strictly an art piece but I’ve always had quite a profound connection with the french romantic composer Debussy and his works. I’ve listened to his compositions in depth throughout my whole life and have also played them on the piano and flute. Not only do his works evoke many different levels and areas of emotion for me, but they inform the way I write music myself. His approach to the relationships between parts, instruments and melodies are something that I draw from a lot when I write music. I also love being able to translate technique and approach from french romanticism into my own contemporary classical electronic hybrids. All of that being said, certain parts of his repertoire are really good to reflect, relax, write and just exist to which I value hugely.

Tbilisi is a city that many people find intriguing - have you been lucky enough to see it for yourself? If you have, what did you think? And if not, how much do you know about it?
This will be my first time in Tbilisi, it’s somewhere I’ve always been incredibly keen to visit so I feel very lucky to be coming to play! I’ve heard the most positive lovely things about the people, music scene, plus the food and wine which I’m looking forward to experiencing. I can’t wait to come!

And finally, what have you got coming up in the near future?
I’m going to be continuing to be writing lots of new music and wrapping up various upcoming releases. I’m also in the process of writing a couple of remixes which will be out soon and also some tracks coming out on compilations such as the Fabric compilation coming out next month. In May, I’m making my debut in Tbilisi, also De School in Amsterdam and Ohm in Berlin to name a few. Then looking ahead to a busy summer! 

Behind The Decks: object blue

object blue, a live performer, producer, and DJ, burst onto the scene in 2018 with her debut EP on Tobago Tracks. Since then, she has become renowned as a dynamic sound creator in the world of electronic music production. Tokyo-born and raised in a suburb of Beijing, it was not until she relocated to London for university in the early 2010s that blue stumbled upon the mesmerizing rhythm of the underground. By immersing herself in the capital's club scene, she uncovered the undeniable allure and gratification derived from the pulsating cadences.

Set to take place at Space Two on June 2nd, object blue will unveil her personal expression of dance music. This article delves into pivotal moments that have shaped her career.

With her debut EP "Do you plan to end a siege?" released on TT  in 2018 and the subsequent REX on "Let's Go Swimming" in 2019, object blue has successfully established a presence as an interesting sound originator.

With a focus on production, blue found her niche amidst unconventional and abrasive rhythms within the urban landscape unleashed in her solo EP, 'FIGURE BESIDE ME', via Shimmering Frequencies. Additionally, she collaborated with TSVI and Loraine James, co-founders of Nervous Horizons. Taking the collaborations, and expanding her repertoire beyond original tracks, blue took on remixing duties for artists like Murlo and Seb Wildblood. Furthermore, she surprised her fans during the lockdown with a mixtape consisting of energetically distorted Aaliyah and Ariana Grande edits, injecting a dose of thrilling mayhem into our musical playlists.

object blue's journey has been filled with remarkable milestones, including composing music for Andreas Kronthaler's Vivienne Westwood SS20 showcase and delivering an unforgettable live performance at Paris Fashion Week. Her talent has also graced renowned events like Dimensions, Dekmantel, Sonar Hong Kong, Retextured Festival, Primavera Sound, Simple Things, and RedBull Music Festival London, where she presented the immersive FIGURE BESIDE ME live show—a captivating audio-visual installation developed alongside Natalia Podgorksa.

As part of her endeavors, she has secured a residency on Rinse FM. Every month, she takes on the role of hosting a show where she welcomes talented artists such as Dolor, Bruised Skies, and Thugwidow. This regular slot provides a platform for these musicians to showcase their skills and share their music with the audience of Rinse FM.

After being chosen as one of SoundCloud's 10 Global Artists to keep an eye on in 2020 and recognized as a SHAPE Artist for the same year, object blue confidently stepped into a new phase with a growing support base. Notable publications such as RA, DAZED, i-D, TANK, Groove, Pitchfork, and Benji B on BBC Radio 1 (for whom she delivered a guest mix that received high praise) have all embraced her and expressed their appreciation for her work. These endorsements from respected voices in the industry serve as a testament to object blue's talent and potential, propelling her forward as she continues to captivate audiences and make waves in the music world.