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We’re excited to announce our newest collective member, Pariah!

To celebrate his residency, we're delighted to unveil his exclusive mix, specially curated for our podcast series.

Based in Amsterdam, Pariah (Arthur Cayzer) is a distinguished British music producer and DJ. He co-founded the Voam record label alongside Blawan (Jamie Roberts), and the two have collaborated extensively for more than a decade, performing and releasing music together as Karenn and Persher. His output reflects a patient pursuit of physical and emotional impact, liberated from genre limitations.

Pariah's path emerged from a teenage engagement with punk, hardcore, and metal that collided with dubstep and its offshoots to assume new forms. His earliest productions cut through the vast murk of MySpace and caught the ear of Belgian label R&S, which became home to his debut release in 2010 and several more that offered a recombinant perspective on UK dance music. He continued to release records at a considered, contemplative pace en route to his acclaimed 2018 album on fabric's Houndstooth label, Here From Where We Are.

Karenn first formed in 2011, and the project accounts for some of the most instinctual, exciting techno of the 2010s, with improvised live performances setting the standard for the biggest festival stages and in the most intimate sweatboxes. Their 2019 debut album Grapefruit Regret encapsulated the powerhouse, multivalent sound, and coincided with the launch of Voam, which has since become one of dance music's most well-regarded new labels.

He continues to put out his own inescapable tracks that feel like classics from the moment they drop – such as "Caterpillar," released in 2022. It preceded the debut of Persher, which featured Pariah as guitarist, bassist, and co-producer (with Blawan) of the searing Man With The Magic Soap, released on Thrill Jockey.. But no matter the alias or avenue, Pariah's music is a memorable swirl of ideas and influences that feels eternally in-progress, waiting for the right collaborators, contexts and crowds to cohere and inspire with rare impact.

Pariah will soon return to Left Bank, so be sure to keep an eye out for his upcoming shows


Zander Zel - JUGOSO [self-released]

Pangaea - The Slip [forthcoming Hessle Audio]

Peverelist - Pulse V [forthcoming Livity Sound]

Amaliah - Mespo Dance [Black Artist Database]

Glimmerman - Step Mode (Sputnik One’s 2 Step Mode Edit) [First Second Label]

Teqmun - Nettle Dweller (Pariah Remix) [Flippen Disks]

Hans Berg - Cake Buffet [UFO Station Recordings]

Agonis - Carbonine [forthcoming Midgar]

Bitter Babe - Nadie lo puede parar [TraTraTrax]

Om Unit - Prophecy [self-released]

Dubkasm - Outer Realm [Dubkasm Records]

Karima F - FHP [Schloss]

Ngalah Oreyo x UMOJA - GALA GALA (Siu Mata Edit) [self-released]

Vladimir Dubyshkin - Serious Attack [Macro]

Isaiah - Funker (Dreamy Isaiah Edit) [self-released]

Passarani - Riding Time Waves

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