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Having spent half of her youth deeply immersed in Cologne's techno scene while remaining rooted in Georgia’s abundance of electronic music, Mariami has been playing at renowned venues such as like Tresor West, Left Bank, Weltspiele & Gewölbe as part of Brutalism Cologne since 2021. Mariami owns her own Party Series, which takes place every last Thursday of the month at Gewölbe. It's a platform where FLINTA* individuals can connect and, at the same time, raise awareness about the structural disadvantages in the music industry. Also workshops and panel discussions on awareness and diversity are planned. Gentle yet assertive like Mariami herself, her sets create a delicate, organic texture, enriched by the warm tones of tape delays and characterized by powerful basslines. Mariami loves to draw from diversity, enjoys exploring contrasts and knows how to create fluid transitions between seeming opposites. Her dynamic sets are an expression of this philosophy. Brilliantly curated, they gently build to energetic climaxes with driving, raw and hypnotic sounds.

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