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In today’s digitally-dominated era, the temptation to lighten up the dance floor with euphoria-driven moments and quick thrills can be hard to avoid. Instead, Levente prefers weaving an expansive musical tapestry from multiple styles and eras, creating an intimacy with the listener that stretches far beyond the next drop. Emerging as a key figure in the Hamburg's musical landscape over a decade ago, Levente now resides in Berlin, where he continues to contribute to the electronic music scene through regular appearances at the city’s beloved basement clubs like Sameheads and Arkaoda, but also in clubs all over central and eastern Europe, the Baltic States and beyond. Driven by collaboration and co-creation, Levente remains closely tied to his former hometown with an ongoing residency at the legendary Golden Pudel Club, where he co-hosts the beloved ACID TEARS night alongside BOBBIE* and as part of the queer collective OGAY. As one half of the wave punk duo Schulverweis, Levente’s dissident spirit shines through via releases on Ferry Lane Records, Hamburg label Neoprimitive and Elena Colombi’s Osàre! Editions. In recent years, the artist has become entrenched in the vibrant scene in Tbilisi, Georgia, as one of the first residents for Mutant Radio with his monthly show „cricket talk“, where numerous protagonists of the electronic music world were among the guests. Levente also just joined the Left Bank agency roster. Alongside this, Levente has produced impressive mixes for Rinse FM, Uncanny Valley, Field Maneuvers and HÖR, where he is a familiar face to many behind the scenes. Keenly attuned to the powers of an empathetic ear and open mind, Levente’s penchant for textured rhythms, non-Western percussive elements, a wide variety of broken beats, UK bass, Balkan folk (a nod to his Carpathian roots) and forward-thinking club sounds will see him continue making waves in Berlin and beyond.

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