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Esi (Irakli Shonia) is an accomplished artist, musician, and DJ based in Tbilisi, Georgia. He has been composing music under various monikers and collaborations since the early 2000’s. Esi is the founder and curator of ‘’Low Fuzz’’ - musical platform, record label and event series at Mutant Radio and Left Bank - showcasing experimental, electronic, and acoustic music. Esi is best known for his innovative projects and collaborations, such as Esi + Octachoron's Fear Pollution, which premiered on the main stage of Berlin Atonal 2018, and his solo project for sound-Esi. He has also collaborated with Sandro Kozmanishvili on the voltage-controlled experimental sound project V.C.V.S., with Rezo Glonti on Datagramma, and with Bakur Metreveli on Sanzona. Esi's inactive solo project, Severiane has also garnered attention for its live performances, including Unsound Dislocation: Batumi in 2016 and a performance with Mika Vainio and Natalie Beridze at Didi Gallery, Tbilisi, in the same year. Additionally, Esi has worked on the Vincent Volt project, among others.

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