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Overland is a rave inciter and beat architect shaped by her upbringing in small town Alberta, Canada, and an itinerant way of life guided by the magnetism of disparate musical influences. With notable sojourns in London, UK and Vancouver, British Columbia, Overland’s journey has taken her from organizing hometown warehouse raves and beachside renegades to high profile bookings at Berlin’s Tresor and Boiler Room x Igloofest Montreal. Echoes of the myriad of people and places that have helped her flourish can be heard in her playful, high-energy mixes and simmering sets that weave morphing basslines with propulsive beats. Her driving, dynamic and acid-laced productions have been released on Lisbon’s Naive and New York’s Sweat Equity. Berlin-based label Paryíarun by Marie Montexier hosted her record last year with a remix by high profile ambient trio Purelink, and Priori’s Canadian imprint, GARMO released her most recent record with praise from Hardwax. Fresh off the back of a newly minted residency for Rinse France, Overland’s mark on Canadian dance music continues to thrive and shows no sign of slowing down.

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