✦ Upcoming Friday presents Spaces One and Two working in full force to invoke a proper clubbing experience. Always aiming to improvise, Tbilisi's experimental duo V.C.V.S returns with another live performance, alongside a member of our collective Wesley Wise, putting extra peculiarly crafted sound into the room. With them, Alexander Kühne, known for his deeply flowing, the genre-crossing style will debut at Space Two. Tbilisi's local experimental hip-hop artists soni x 7360 are firing up Space One that day with their recently released mixtape presentation extended with a DJ set to uncovering their library full of wanders.

✦ Running Order:

Space Two V.C.V.S. (live) Wesley Wise Alexander Kühne

✦ Entrance fee:

40 Gel


→ Doors: 23.00

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