Saturday's Clubnight showcases Fear No System, a label founded in Tbilisi that tries to reimagine the sound of electro and techno of the '90s while maintaining the space for experimenting with different sounds.
At Space Two, the founder of Opus Nights and the For no Reason label, local producer/DJ Tedi is going to ignite the dancefloor. He’ll be joined by the founder of Fear No System - Bass Commander back to backing with local electro lover 666uba. On top of the bill, there is a Paris-based Georgian artist - Sani sprinkling the room.

Tickets at the door only.
No Photo, No Video

✦ Running Order:

Tedi 23.30-02.00 Bass Commander b2b 666uba 02.00-04.30 Sani 04.30-end

✦ Entrance fee:

Entry: 30 Gel. Before Midnight 10 Gel. After 6 a.m. free.


→ Doors: 23.00

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