January 1st comes as no surprise to everyone interested in a space for gender-fluid expression and sexual experimentation, as it's a date when our next queer party is taking place. To cover the celebration, we let a duo of Georgian queer performers 'Margarita Elektra' make the party lit at Space One, while another local folk Beto is going to prepare the dancefloor for them. Flora Kamikadze is also booting the S1 energy with the ultra-performative style show, the genesis of a new identity.
At Space Two, we've invited an artist with a DJing style that frequently turns dancefloors into race tracks - ferrari rot, co-founder of the party series incorporating drag shows - Dimenzione Danza. Completing the bill alongside our resident Routes not Roots is local queer DJ and producer Avivx, flaming the dancefloor till the end.

✦ Running Order:

Space One Beto 23.30-02.00 02.00-end Margarita Elektra

✦ Entrance fee:

40 Gel


→ Doors: 23.00

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