We are proud to present the experimentalist, producer, and vocalist Lolina's (Inga Copeland) debut at Left Bank alongside Georgian composer David Datunashvili and New York City-based sound artist Chantal Michelle on the 17th of November.
Lolina, formerly one-half of the lo-fi pop duo - Hype Williams with Dean Blunt, flexes a new moniker with an Avant intersection of R&B, dancehall minimalism, and electro-pop. Her live shows continue past attempts to discover possibilities for experimentation within the adopted limitations of electronic music and the contexts for its performance.
✦ Before going solo, David Datunashvili was 1/2 of the local electronic music duo Okinawa Lifestyle and currently is part of the ambient-experimental project Masterknot. With several full-length albums under his name, David creates his eerie sound based on guitar arrangements with ambient elements and catchy noise experiments.
✦ Chantal Michelle works with acoustic instrumentation, synthesis, field recordings, and voice to form densely textured aural landscapes. Her work is characterized by tension, disparate sounds, and non-linear arrangements. It has been realized as sound installations, live performances, and recorded material.

✦ Running Order:

Chantal MIchelle - 00.00-01.00 David Datunashvili 01.00-02.00 Lolina 02.00-03.00

✦ Entrance fee:

40 Gel


→ Doors: 23.00

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