October 15 is a special date that sums up the past year full of challenges. Because of the pandemic, as an open space, we had to start within the harsh restrictions, but only with the idea that soon enough we would transform into a full-fledged nightclub.
Since March, Left Bank has been a fully operational multi-venue complex driven by artists, DJs, and partygoers to provide a platform for a diverse program of arts, music, movies, and queer community events.
We believe that it is essential for the city to have a safe space where different groups of people gather together to celebrate their difference from the country's challenging environment.
Let's celebrate the year anniversary together, with the intention that Left Bank will continue to establish itself as a multi-purpose hub to connect people from all walks of life. Race, age, gender, class, education, and other protected characteristics which become obsolete on the dancefloor. There is plenty of exciting, bright moments to come!

✦ Running Order:

Zurkin 23.30-02.30 Bruce 02.30-05.30 Routes Not Roots 05.30-end

✦ Entrance fee:



→ Doors: 23.00

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