✦ On April 13th, Saturday's Clubnight hosts Dirac, the record collector known for his fresh finds, and Vaxy, the music mentor and long-time music enthusiast. Joining them at Space Two is Lila Turanga, an emerging artist to watch. Outdoors, Tbilisi-based artist–musician, vocalist, and guitarist, Aine Merme, also known as Natuka Natsvlishvili, will be performing live. Her music is characterized by an atypical style of composition, songwriting, performance, and presentation, often twisting the classical structure of a song. Natuka started playing the guitar at the age of 14 with a dream to become a classical guitarist. She soon got involved in the Tbilisi punk scene, attempting to combine these two musical dimensions. On April 13, Aine Merme will perform old and new compositions together with her collaborator musicians and friends: Khatia Koridze, Nika Gabadze, and Soso Tsagareishvili.

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→ Doors: 23:50

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