✦ The last weekend of the month kicks off on Friday, July 28th showcasing London-based label AD 93. Founded in 2014 as an offshoot of XL Recordings subsidiary, Young Turks, the label ran under the name Whities for six years, that has released music from producers like Lanark Artefax, Overmono, and Avalon Emerson to name a few. Now, with the new name but the same sense of adventure, AD 93 is one of the most influential labels around. At Space Two, the founder of the label itself — Nic Tasker will be joined by Italian electronic musician and producer TSVI aka Anunaku, whose music is characterized by its fusion of traditional and contemporary sounds, drawing influences from various genres. They'll share the DJ booth with one from our residents' list — Sportsmanship.

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→ Doors: 22.00

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