On June 30th, the Clubnight for the last Friday of the month kicks off, with both rooms all set to get things underway.
✦ At Space Two, we have invited CCL, a Berlin-based multidisciplinary artist and former curator of the New Forms festival. Both as a producer (Fever AM, Discwoman, etc.) and as a singular DJ, CCL is known for delivering a pure sonic adventure. They will be teaming up with Seqta, a resident DJ of the TES Club, and one of our collective members, Ash Scholem.
✦ At Space One, we're hosting Ika Jojua, a local sound and visual artist also known as Aghnie. Aghnie's artistic journey has seen a transformation from recontextualizing religious and devotional music forms to venturing into the realm of club music, where Ika skillfully blend various electronic dance styles. Joining Aghnie is the talented young producer Svecki, whose musical repertoire spans from noise to innovative club genres, with a particular focus on sound art.

✦ Running Order:


✦ Entrance fee:

Entry: 40 Gel. • Free Between 22:00-23:00 • Half-Price Entry 23:00-00:00


→ Doors: 22.00

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