For Friday's Clubnight, we've invited lush and evocative London-based Luxe, who draws from both her classical background and her endeavors in electronic music across a spread of tracks that maintain a danceable through-line. Alongside her, we have two members from our collective: Routes Not Roots, who present a mix of driving trance to breakbeat-infused sound with meticulous percussion and 5nipss, celebrated for her varied and eclectic style.

✦ Running Order:

Routes Not Roots 23.30 - 02.00 Luxe 02.00 - 05.00 5nipss 05.00 - end

✦ Entrance fee:

Entry: 40 Gel. • Free Between 22:00-23:00 • Half-Price Entry 23:00-00:00


→ Doors: 22.00

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