✦ On May 13, Left Bank will host its first Low Fuzz night, curated by our resident Esi, featuring an international selector and a live act. 
Mankiyan, a DJ shaping the bass music scene in Brussels, will showcase her vision and sound alongside Esi. The night will also mark the rare live act of Substract, an experimental electronic duo, a collaboration between BMI (Bakur Metreveli) and Zesknel (Zuka Babunashvili) founded recently.

✦ Running Order:

Esi 23.30-02.00 Substract (live) 02.00-03.00 Mankiyan 03.00-06.00 Esi 06.00-end

✦ Entrance fee:

40 Gel. Free Between 22:00 - 23:00 Half-Price Entry 23:00 - 00:00


→ Doors: 22.00

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