Coming up this Friday, we're excited to welcome Amsterdam-based Van Anh, the founder of ISOTOOP, known for her versatility with over a decade of experience to her name. Also joining us is Levente, a Berlin-based musician, and DJ with a residency in projects such as HÖR, PAL (Hamburg), and Mutant Radio. Additionally, local favorite Sani will be curating her diverse range of sounds at Space Two.

Entry: 40 Gel.

Before Midnight 20 Gel.

Tickets at the door only.

No Photo, No Video

✦ Running Order:

Levente 23.00 - 02.30 Van Anh 02.30 - 05.00 Sani 05.00 - End

✦ Entrance fee:

40 Gel


→ Doors: 23.00

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