✦ Sickdatired Brings Activism and Nonstop Music to Left Bank


On October 22nd, the Left Bank hosted the collective known as Sickdatired for a night of nonstop music and activism. The group, based in Tbilisi, is made up of artists, musicians, painters, and other creative individuals who use their art to challenge consumerist stereotypes and capitalism.

Sickdatired first gained notoriety in the Tbilisi area a year ago when bizarre graffiti with the phrase "sick 'n tired" appeared on a building in the center of town. The message resonated with many people and images of the graffiti quickly spread on social media. More graffiti from the group soon appeared in different parts of the city, though the artists remained anonymous.

Eventually, Sickdatired began releasing merchandise and hosting parties at local venues, including the Left Bank. These events have become popular with Gen Z kids and are known for their energetic atmosphere, with sweat and mosh pits a common occurrence.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, many teenagers who turned 18 had to adjust to clubbing in a new way, and the Left Bank had to adapt to accommodate these young people. Hosting parties from local movements like Sickdatired has been an interesting process, and the club is happy to provide a space for these events to take place.

In addition to hosting club nights, the Left Bank's Space One venue is also used for a variety of other events such as live shows, film screenings, and performances. Sickdatired's events are particularly special, offering a unique combination of music and visual elements.

Photo Credit: Mariam Giunashvili. (Mzesu)

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